Get ready for an incredible summer vacation this year that will transcend all the others. If you are looking for the ideal summer spot, look no further than Sedona. Our Northern Arizona community features a variety of incredible Sedona summer activities that will make for an unbelievable stay. You will find everything extremely close to our vacation rentals, ensuring you have plenty of fun. Take a look at the top summer activities found here in Sedona:

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Cool Off at Slide Rock State Park

Sedona might be in Northern Arizona, but it still sees some of the high temperatures of summer for the state. During your stay, make sure you cool off by visiting Oak Creek Canyon, where natural pools can be found, and you can cool off with a dip in the water. The most popular dipping spot is over at Slide Rock State Park. Here, visitors will find a natural water slide. You can slide down the rock or simply hang out by the ledge and soak up some sunshine. Slide Rock State Park is a popular destination in the summer, so make sure to go early and beat the inevitable crowds.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sedona is a truly stunning destination with the red rocks all around you. During your stay, you can take in the views from up high by booking you and your family a hot air balloon ride. Red Rock Balloon Adventures has everything you need for a sky-high adventure. Join one of their rides to get an aerial view from hundreds of feet up in the air. You can sit back and enjoy the views while you float around the valley. If you book a tour before noon, you can avoid the afternoon heat, making your journey in the sky much more delightful. Book your tour now to ensure this popular activity is available during your summer stay!

Go Hiking

It should go without saying that Sedona has some of the best views in the entire state of Arizona. When you arrive, you will be amazed at how the red rocks provide the perfect backdrop for your memories. While many might be initially nervous to go hiking in the Arizona heat, there are plenty of ways to escape it. Hiking early in the morning has become part of the regular routine for those who live in Sedona or visit often. Head out during the early hours of the morning for beautiful weather.

Finding a trail that is easy to get to and enjoy is not hard at all. The West Fork Trail, found over by Oak Creek, continues to be one of the top hikes in the area. You will be able to escape the direct sunshine as the trail hugs the canyon walls.

You also must check out local hikes that have become icons themselves with presence on social media. Devil’s Bridge continues to be an iconic spot to hike; take a picture of yourself on the natural bridge that crosses over the canyon. The hike to Devil’s Bridge is 4.2 miles round trip, making it an easy enough hike for most.

Don’t forget hiking up to Cathedral Rock, where another stunning hike awaits you. This is a great hike for sunset but can also be enjoyed at any time of the day. While the hike is only 1.4 miles round trip, it is up an extremely steep incline. Most hikers will need to climb up on their hands and knees and start the hike around an hour and a half before sunset to make it in time. Make sure to bring a flashlight for the way back down if you are planning on staying up there past sunset.

Enjoy a Winery Tour

Sedona is also known to be Arizona’s wine country, where you can find dozens of wineries and tasting rooms within a short distance of your vacation rental. Beating the heat has never been so relaxing as it can be with a glass of wine in your hand. Northern Arizona produces a lovely batch of grapes used for wines in the region. Popular wineries in the area include Page Spring Cellars that is always a favorite with the locals. Page Spring Cellars sustainably produces small batch wines and also puts on special events such as four-course dinners. Take a winery tour to get a glimpse at how each batch is expertly produced right here on the property.

Our Summer Adventure Awaits

These summer activities and many more will be waiting for you here in Sedona. Book a stay at one of our vacation rentals and come enjoy summertime in Sedona for yourself.