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Property Walkthrough Almeria

If you have never visited Scottsdale, Arizona you will be in for a treat as you take in the Arizona sunshine for the first time. Scottsdale is an exciting vacation destination with tons of exciting activities to enjoy. To make the most of such a journey you need a vacation rental that offers plenty of luxury features and that will keep you close to the nearby attractions. Almeria is one...

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Voltaire

There is just something special about having your own personal oasis in the heart of Scottsdale. Come experience the desert the way it is meant to be with a stay at our Casa Voltaire vacation rental. This Scottsdale vacation home features a resort-like setting but in the comfort of a private home. You will be amazed at the incredible exterior and charming interior of the home. There is no other...

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Invest in Scottsdale Real Estate with Porter

If you are interested in investing in real estate here in the Phoenix Valley, you cannot go wrong by choosing to purchase in Scottsdale. The Phoenix Valley’s market has never been better with the value of homes going up in the area. Many temporary residents of Scottsdale own a vacation property here in the city to get away from the cold and enjoy the warm weather of Arizona. Owning a...

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Vernon

If you are looking for the best lodging option that will keep you in the heart of Scottsdale, look no further than our selection of exclusive rentals. Our properties include unique and recently remodeled homes that set themselves apart from any other lodging option out there. For travelers visiting with extended family or friends, you may need some additional space to fit everyone under a single roof. If that sounds...

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How Porter Property Management Takes Care of Your Home

As you venture into the world of vacation rental ownership, you may be starting to feel a little overwhelmed at how long your “owner-do” list is becoming. You more than likely have a full-time job, a family, and would love to have a life you can enjoy, but all the little things your property needs are getting in the way of any fun you might be having! Fortunately, you found...

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Earn More from Your Sedona Investment Property with Porter Property Management!

Do you wish you could make more money from your hard-earned investments in the Sedona area? Do you own a property that often sits empty throughout the year whenever you are not there? If either of these questions relates to you, it might be time to start earning back on your investment property with our specialty services. At Porter, we offer an in-depth property management service that will help keep...

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