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Large Family Vacation Homes in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona is THE ideal spot for a large family vacation! Not only will you be able to take advantage of the year-round incredible weather, long sunny days, and dozens of outdoor activities that showcase the incredible desert surroundings and picturesque landscape, but you can find a rental property that will suit all of your needs. Porter offers luxurious, spacious, and modern rental homes that are perfect for both long-term and short-term stays. We offer exceptional service, comfortable furnishings, high-end amenities, cool interior decorations, and much more. Basically, we have everything you need — and more! Our large family cabins for rent in Flagstaff, Arizona are the perfect choice for a getaway with your whole family.

Our customer service is top-notch, focusing on our current, past, and future clients who use our services. At Porter, we pride ourselves on putting the guests first, ensuring they are always happy with their property and its amenities. But what should you do during your family vacation in Flagstaff? The good thing is you will never run out of things to do be bored. Flagstaff is home to cool shops, restaurants, cafes, kid-friendly activities, and outdoor events. Let’s check out the top family-friendly attractions in the local area for your upcoming holiday.

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Best Family-Friendly Activities in Flagstaff, AZ

There are tons of family-oriented things to do in Flagstaff, ranging from restaurants with a variety of food to outdoor activities that are perfect for toddlers to enjoy. After you wake up in your cozy and comfortable bed in your luxurious home, it is time to explore all that this incredible area has to offer — but where should you start?

Arizona Snowbowl

Are you thinking of coming to Flagstaff for your upcoming Christmas or winter holiday’? If so, head to Arizona Snowbowl! This is one of the most popular ski and snowboard resorts in the entire country — and for good reason. The ski resort here has dozens of slopes, hundreds of miles of trails, and incredible views over the surrounding area. You can bring your kids to the kiddie slope to learn how to ski or snowboard for the first time, or simply go down the bunny hill on a sled or a tube for some relaxed fun.

Disc Golf

If you come to flagstaff during the shoulder seasons, there is no better time to teach your kids how to disc golf. Disc golf is a fun and exciting activity that is great for kids of all ages. Once your kid gets older, teach them how to do this skillful sport — if they are young, they can enjoy running after the frisbee after each throw!

Red Mountain

For outdoor-centric families, head to Red Mountain during your upcoming stay in Flagstaff. This incredible and one-of-a-kind volcanic crater is just 25 miles from Flagstaff, meaning you can easily get here with a rental car, making the perfect half-day trip from the downtown area of Flagstaff. Take the 30-minute walk with your kids to see the picturesque crater and get outside in nature.

The Challenge Course at Buffalo Park

Are your kids sporty and love a challenge? If so, head to the Challenge Course at Buffalo Park! This fun and exciting course offers not only fun games, hands-on activities, a ropes course, and cool things for kids to do, but you can marvel at the extensive views as you are high up in the sky!

Downtown Flagstaff

On a rare rainy day or a cold day in the wintertime, it can be best to spend some more time inside and get out of the snow and the harsh wind. If so, head to downtown Flagstaff from your luxurious and spacious home to enjoy shopping, walking around cafes, and going to eat at one of the many restaurants on offer. Downtown Flagstaff has something for everyone — including candy shops, vintage stores, book shops, outdoor gear shops, toy stores, and much more!

Accommodations in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you looking for a house that is big enough for you and your entire family? Whether your kids are toddlers who want to stay in their own room, or they are teenagers who need their own space, we offer spacious and large-scale cabins for rent in Flagstaff, Arizona that are perfect for families of all sizes. If you have a large family with multiple kids, you need to find large family homes for rent in the Flagstaff area so you can avoid living in an overcrowded hotel room or B&B. We offer a wide range of homes, featuring 1- to 2-bedroom homes for those with two kids or 6- to 8-bedroom houses for those who want to go on a large-scale family reunion!

Use Porter today to book a vacation home of your dreams with your family. We guarantee this will be the best holiday that your kids have ever been on — they will never forget this one-of-a-kind experience, incredible Flagstaff scenery, and cozy vacation home.