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Best Christmas Activities and Events in Flagstaff

Just because you live in the southwest does not mean you cannot find a white Christmas within a short flying or driving distance. For the upcoming holidays make your way to beautiful Flagstaff up here in Northern Arizona. Many people around the country would not expect an Arizona town to feature plentiful snowfall but we are happy to be a pleasant surprise. A trip to Flagstaff can be exactly what...

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You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in Flagstaff!

Each year travelers look for the perfect reason to make their way to Flagstaff. Our Northern Arizona home is the perfect location for a wonderful getaway any time of the year. The fall season is finally here and with it comes cooler temperatures and the changing of the color of the leaves. The fall season also brings with it a variety of exciting events including Halloween. Enjoy this spooky holiday...

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Christmas 2021 in Scottsdale

When someone typically thinks of the holidays, their mind may instantly think of snow-covered areas. While Scottsdale may not be your typical snow-covered city that reminds you of the holidays, it is still a great place to celebrate Christmas. Scottsdale is home to a variety of unique holiday events along with thrilling winter activities. A vacation to Scottsdale for winter will be one you will never forget. Here is how...

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Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2021 Getaway to Scottsdale

There comes a point each year here in Arizona where the summer temperatures have finally dropped, and the outdoor weather is absolutely beautiful. This typically occurs during the fall season, making Scottsdale one of the best places to visit for a fall getaway. Instead of spending your Thanksgiving holiday back home in the cold, make your way to Scottsdale for a sunny yet comfortable getaway. Scottsdale features a variety of...

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