There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to owning Flagstaff rental properties. We know that you want to make the most money possible and ensure that your guests have a top-notch time, but before you can get started, make sure you keep these must-dos – and definite do-nots – in the back of your mind. Trust us: This can be the difference between making a huge profit or making your neighbors angry, owing a lot of money, or getting in trouble with the local property laws. Let’s check out the main things to consider before renting a property to guests and how you can safeguard yourself against any issues in the future!

Do: Clean and Disinfect Your Home

One of the main things to do after every guest stays in your property is to clean and disinfect your home. Although it may look clean to the naked eye, or your previous guests were respectful and cleaned off surfaces and put items away where they belong, it is a huge health hazard and safety issue if you do not clean and disinfect your home.

The main things to consider when cleaning your rental properties in Flagstaff, AZ are to ensure that all the surfaces are wiped clean, the appliances are working correctly, sheets are changed, upholstery is licensed, and the floors are vacuumed and mopped. The last thing you want is a new guest to enter your property and see dirt, dust, or food on your floor or kitchen counters!

If you do not want to do the hard work yourself, we don’t blame you; cleaning an entire house is hard work and takes numerous hours! We recommend using a property management company to find a cleaning service for you. You can work with us to use the best of the best in the industry and ensure that your house is clean, smells good, and really gives off a professional vibe when new guests enter your house.

Plus, while our cleaning service company walks around the house and cleans the surfaces and appliances, they can test the appliances, doors, cabinets, and windows to make sure everything is working correctly. This way, you can avoid any guests seeing broken washing machines, dryers, or other items which can make your house look low value.

Don’t: Leave Specific Areas for a Later Cleaning

Even though it can be tempting to put off cleaning to the last minute or avoid cleaning a specific area because you don’t think that it needs it or looks dirty, this can be problematic. We know that things can be forgotten or left behind, and specific cleaning areas are no exception. You might decide to skip the bathrooms and leave them for last, and then figure out that they were forgotten altogether. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth of your new guests and can make your house look unprofessional. We recommend using a professional cleaning company to deep clean every single room after each guest’s stay, so you never have to worry about skipping areas. Even if you don’t have a guest staying in your house, it is best to hire a cleaning crew at least once per month to check on the home, review the appliances, and dust the surfaces.

Do: Set Guest Rules

The second ‘do’ that you should keep in mind is to set clear rules and expectations for every guest that stays in your Flagstaff rental properties. If you want to keep your house low-key and quiet, then make sure you set a ‘no party’ rule in your house. After all, it is YOUR property, so you can decide the laws, rules, and regulations for guests. If they do not like one of your rules, they can stay somewhere else!

We recommend keeping the rules clear, consistent, and easy to understand. Avoid overcomplicated rules or overbearing regulations that can deter guests. However, there are a few rules which are smart for those who want to keep their property in good condition for many years. Make sure you create an understandable house rules sheet, house manual, rental agreement, and damage policy so your guests know the information before renting your house.

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Don’t: Not Set a Guest Limit

If you offer a two-bedroom house, make sure you keep the guest limit to the number of sleeping areas and beds. If you do not, people will end up bringing in tons of extra guests, sleeping on the floor, sleeping on the couches, or crowding into beds. This can mean that 8-10 people could be staying in a two-bedroom house, which will increase the likelihood of a dirty home after the fact, broken items, or loud noise complaints from neighbors.

Do: Create a Welcome Sheet or Welcome Book

The next ‘do’ which can help you sell your property and rent out your home to numerous guests over time is to create a welcome book that helps your guests figure out the dos and don’ts of the property, things to do in the local area, and tips and tricks of how to best take care of the property during their stay. Not only does this show extra effort on the part of you, the house owner, but it can help guests who may not be used to the area figure out important details.

Don’t: Forget Important Instructions

Along with creating the instruction book and house manual for your guests, make sure you go over the important tips, tricks, check-in information, check-out procedures, contact information, and other key details to avoid forgetting something that can alter the guest’s stay and comfort level. The worst thing that can happen if a guest arrives in your house is to not leave information such as where the keys are, how to operate appliances, kitchen rules, house instructions, and specific details. You want your guest to know the ins and outs of the parts of the house so they are not confused and can avoid reaching out to you for advice or help.

Do: Get Insurance!

Purchasing insurance coverage for your house can help protect you and your guests against any accidents that can occur during their stay. Even if the guests did nothing wrong, accidents happen. Something may break in the kitchen, weather might damage the porch, windows, or doors, or a guest may drop a glass bowl and break it. No matter what happens, purchasing insurance coverage can help give you peace of mind that you don’t need to pay for broken or damaged items out of your own pocket.

Don’t: Ignore Your Guests

Even if our guests would like to be left alone and given privacy during their stay, providing a welcome manual, giving them a ‘welcome’ text or call, or leaving a letter is a good way to let them know that you are a real person who is renting your house. This gives the guest a better peace of mind and adds personalization to the rental property. Your guests will love the extra gesture!

Bonus Do: Let Porter Handle All the Details!

As you can see, keeping a few dos and don’ts in mind when it comes to renting your property is key to providing you with security and ensuring your guests are well taken care of. Using Porter is a smart way to follow professional guidance and ensure your property is taken care of perfectly!