When it comes to traveling, we always want to see somewhere new and beautiful. Planning for such a vacation is a great way to look forward to something and keep our mind off of daily stressors. With the rise of inflation, taking a vacation may be more difficult now than it has been before. Luckily, you can always find free and low-cost activities to spend your time. This includes when you visit somewhere as incredible as Sedona. This Northern Arizona community offers beautiful views and amazing cheap things to do in Sedona. Take a look at how you can visit Sedona without breaking the bank this year:

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Drive Along the Scenic Byway

Sedona nestled right here in Red Rock Country that offer a towering and beautiful addition to the horizon. The red rocks can be seen in full detail from the comfort of your vehicle when you cruise down the Red Rock Scenic Byway. This stretch of road is officially named State Route 179, but that sounds way less enjoyable. The Red Rock Scenic Byway starts at exit 298 off Interstate 17. You will find a 7.5 mile stretch of road that has the incredible Red Rock Mountains in the backdrop. The scenic byway has been referred to as a museum of its own, as you will see sights of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Coconino National Forest, and more. There are plenty of scenic overlooks to stop at during the drive to get the best views of all. There are no tolls making this the perfect free activity during your stay in Sedona.

Tour the Chapel of the Holy Cross

When you are staying in Sedona it will be hard pressed to miss a glimpse of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This cultural site is on the edge of the Red Rock Country and its stunning design is hard to miss. This chapel was designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a student of the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright, and its design is like no other. The chapel is just four miles from Sedona’s main intersection making it easy to get to. Getting to the chapel is best enjoyed with a hike up the mountain. The trail to the chapel is only 1.3 miles out and back but has a moderate uphill climb on the way up. A visit to the chapel is free to explore and is reported to be a relaxing and tranquil experience for visitors. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a popular attraction in the area so planning ahead is optimal. Make sure to explore earlier in the morning before the midday crowd gets too busy. Visitors can also attend the Taize Prayer Service that takes place on Mondays at 5:00 PM.

Hike the Devil’s Bridge Trail

Sedona is home to some of the most popular trails in the state of Arizona. In addition to the Chapel of the Holy Cross Trail you can also find the Devil’s Bridge Trail here in the area. Devil’s Bridge is a site that is on everyone’s bucket list for Sedona. It is the largest natural sandstone arch and resembles a bridge as it juts over the valley. As such it has become one of the busiest hiking trails in the area. The trail is a 4.2-mile hike that will lead you straight to the bridge. The trail allows you to snap photos while you peer up at the 50-foot-high arch, but the real fun is walking out onto the bridge itself. Trek up the steep incline to reach the base of the bridge. There are typically people waiting in line to get a photo of the experience with wait times being longer later in the day. Make sure to hike up to the bridge early in the morning to beat the crowd. You may even have a chance to catch a glimpse of local wildlife including bobcats, black bears, coyotes, and javelinas during the hike so make sure you stay vigilant on the trail.

Go Stargazing

Now that you are up in Northern Arizona with an increase of elevation you can get something that is getting harder to find: a look at the night sky without light pollution getting in the way. Stargazing in Sedona is a great way to see the starry sky without anything to distract from the experience. Stargazing is best down over at Thunder Mountain Trailhead where you can start with a beautiful sunset before the night sky creeps in. You will have a panoramic view that is like no other.

More Fun Here in Sedona

These activities and many more will make your Sedona experience one you will never forget. Book a vacation rental with us today for the most comfortable stay in town.