The new year is upon us, and with it comes a new year full of exciting vacation getaways. Get ready for your next outing by planning an exciting Spring Break to Flagstaff. Our northern Arizona community is the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor adventures and relaxing activities. Take a look at why you need to consider Flagstaff for your Spring Break destination this year:

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One Last Time Down Snow Bowl

Any Arizona native will know that Flagstaff is home to Snow Bowl, the top Arizona skiing destination. Snow Bowl is open all winter season for some thrilling skiing and snowboarding fun. You will find a variety of trails that can be accessed across the several ski lifts. Each year Snow Bowl closes down for the year around the time that spring comes around. This is typically done around the middle of March when most Spring Breaks occur. Make sure to spend one last ride down Snow Bowl when you visit for Snow Bowl. You may not find the peak skiing conditions, but you will find a quieter mountain allowing you multiple trips down the slopes. Snow Bowl has an onsite rental company so you can check out gear for the today leaving yours at home. If you do have your own gear all you will need to pay for is the ski lift pass that will be extremely budget friendly this time of year. Make sure one last ride down the slopes of Snow Bowl is on your Spring Break agenda here in Flagstaff.

Visit Lowell Observatory

If you live in a big city, you know that it can be difficult to see the starry sky at night. Luckily, Flagstaff makes sure there is minimal light pollution here in Northern Arizona making looking up at the stars easier than ever. There is no better place up north than Lowell Observatory to learn all about the stars and to go stargazing as well. This local observatory is the home to the Lowell Discovery Telescope, the 5th largest optical telescope in the country. General admission into the observatory will also grant you access to historic exhibits, science talks, tours of the property, and stargazing. Make sure to stick around at night to peek through the telescope for an unparalleled view at the stars. Keep in mind that Lowell Observatory closes at 5:00 PM every Tuesday so any other day of the week is recommended for you to visit if you would like to stick around for stargazing.

Go Hiking at Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

Many of the hiking trails in Flagstaff will open up just in time for Spring Break. This includes Meteor Crater Natural Landmark that is approximately 30 miles east of Flagstaff. While visitors are unable to descend into the crater, they can explore the rim by hiking the Meteor Crater Trail. This easy trail is only a mile in length making it perfect for individuals of all ages. Make sure to leave your pup at the vacation rental as this trail does not allow any dogs on it.

Go Extreme with Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

Skip out on a boring Spring Break visit and instead enjoy a thrilling adventure that only Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course can deliver on. This local adventure center offers incredible zip line rides through the treetops. You will be flying at high speeds as you take in the views all around you. Their adventure course also has plenty of fun to enjoy such as rope walls, rope bridges, and much more. Each activity is perfect for children ages 12 and older so the whole family can join in on the action. Spring Break is typically a busier time for this exciting activity so make sure to reserve your dates in advance!

Try Out the Local Breweries

Flagstaff is also home to some of Arizona’s finest breweries and are a great place to visit during your Spring Break adventures. Try out local favorites such as Historic Brewing Company that features local favorites such as their Piehole Porter. Dark Sky Brewing always has a varied selection of beer on tap including many seasonal beers that rotate throughout the year. They also share an inside space with Pizzicleta, one of Flagstaff’s best wood fire oven pizzerias. You can join the Northern Arizona University students and create your own “ale trail” by visiting many of the different breweries here in downtown Flagstaff. Our vacation rentals are often within walking distance or a short Uber ride away!

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Come Experience Spring Break in Flagstaff for Yourself

Spring Break cannot come quick enough, so start planning for your upcoming Flagstaff visit today. Our vacation rentals offer comfortable features that are sure to make your stay one that is enjoyable from start to finish here in Flagstaff.