The summer season is always full of exciting reasons to get out and explore somewhere new. Whether you are taking advantage of your kids’ break from school or wanting to enjoy the warm weather, the summer season is always an ideal time to travel. Come check out the beautiful oasis of Sedona right here in Arizona that is sure to offer a stellar time. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to come visit, consider visiting around the Fourth of July holiday. Celebrating our nation’s founding is always an important occasion, and doing so at a special destination will truly set this year’s celebration apart from all the others. Sedona offers a variety of ways you can celebrate the 2024 Fourth of July in Arizona.

4th of July Wet Fest

Everyone knows that the summer season here in Arizona is always a hot one. Sedona may not be as hot as areas such as Phoenix, but you can still expect high temperatures throughout your stay. Luckily, the city knows how to plan accordingly with the annual 4th of July Wet Fest taking place each year on the Fourth of July. This annual event is a full-day celebration hosted over at the West Sedona School parking lots. This event is free to attend and will let you beat the heat by enjoying recreational swim in the rec pool. Kids can also join in on the fun with the giant water slides that will be an absolute blast for them to enjoy. You get to cool off while taking in the incredible views of the Red Rocks in the backdrop.

Local food vendors will also be on hand, ensuring you never go hungry and enjoy some delicious food. Attendees are required to be in swim attire in order to use the pool and water slides and the only pets allowed are ADA service dogs. This year’s 4th of July Wet Fest will begin at noon and run until 4:00 PM, giving you plenty of time to get ready for the annual fireworks show in Cottonwood.

July 4th Firecracker Express

One of the top attractions found in the Sedona area is the Verde Canyon Railroad. This is an authentic railroad service that will take you around the area and more to see the stunning mountains and gorgeous forest scenery from the comfort of a railcar. The original Verde Canyon Railroad started back in the early 1900s but has since turned into a modern experience featuring luxury passenger cars with a variety of amenities.

Throughout the year, the Verde Canyon Railroad hosts a variety of special events, typically around annual holidays. The Fourth of July is no different when they host their Firecracker Express ride on the railroad line. This inclusive experience has you learn all about the rich Arizona wildlife, including having a live bald eagle brought out along with other feathered friends for an educational session with Liberty Wildlife. Each year, the Firecracker Express provides educational knowledge on archeology, geology, and ancestry of the Verde Canyon. You will come away from the experience as knowledgeable as ever of the Sedona region. The railroad line will take you past historic Native American dwellings along with limestone tunnels and historic trestles.

Best of all, you will remain as comfortable as ever during the voyage from the luxury passenger cars. Tickets are currently available for the July 4th Firecracker Express exclusively brought to you by the Verde Canyon Railroad.

Cottonwood 4th of July Fireworks

The city of Sedona has not hosted a fireworks event in years allowing the city to focus on other exciting events such as the Wet Fest. However, that does not mean you will miss out on fireworks during your stay! Join the locals in heading over to nearby town Cottonwood to experience their 4th of July Fireworks celebration. This annual celebration kicks off the fireworks right at 9:00 PM for a dazzling display in the night sky. If you happen to find yourself in cottonwood earlier in the day you can also catch their Fantastic Family 4th of July event. This annual event starts at 4:00 PM for a fun filled day of activities. Free food will be available from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM for a tasty feast along with yard games, local vendors, and kid-friendly activities. A VFW patriotic salute will also take place to honor this historic holiday. You will find the drive over to Cottonwood to be extremely easy when staying in Sedona!

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