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2023 Vacation Homes in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ is one of the coolest spots to head for your first vacation in 2023. Head to a nature-oriented spot that offers family-friendly activities, dozens of cool cafes, fun bars and restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Yes, we are talking about the bustling and vibrant city of Flagstaff, AZ. Head here if you are interested in breaking a sweat on a picturesque hike, sipping on an iced latte during the warm days, skiing down the slopes in the early months of the year, and going out for drinks with your pals. Make your getaway even better with our vacation homes in Flagstaff, AZ.

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Best Activities in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you interested in Flagstaff for your upcoming holiday? We don’t blame you! Heading here is great for people of all ages, whether you are spending time with your young kids, older teenagers, loved ones, or a group of friends. Luckily for you, we have put together a few must-do activities during your time in AZ.

One of the coolest things to do during your time in this beautiful state is to go to the Wupatki National Monument. Learn more about the historical side of this quaint town during your stay in Flagstaff by visiting this beautiful and significant monument with your family.

You can also head to the Lowell Observatory at night to view the twinkling stars. Bring your younger kids here to enjoy observing the incredible stars, planets, and constellations that shine brightly in the dark sky.

We also highly recommend going to one of the nearby ski slopes and snow bowls during your time in Flagstaff! Tackle one of the easy slopes with your young kids or try your luck at one of the black diamond slopes with your trusty snowboard. You can’t go wrong with a little apres-ski, too, after a long day of being in the fresh powder.

Best Cafes in Flagstaff, AZ

You can’t go wrong with coffee! Okay, even if you are a tea drinker, you will still love those cool and cozy cafes in Flagstaff. After a long hike, it is time to enjoy an iced latte and spend some time sitting in the air conditioning. You deserve it! Let’s check out the best cafes in Flagstaff that you absolutely check out during your first vacation of 2023. Bring your kids here and sip on a smoothie, or head to this hip spot with your friends to enjoy some espresso-based drinks, chat about the latest updates in your lives, and enjoy the pristine Arizona weather.

Firstly, we love going to the Kickstand Kafe during our time in Flagstaff. Arguably, this casual and relaxed spot has the best breakfast sandwich and iced-latte combination in the entire city. Located right off Humphreys Street, this coffee shop is a laidback and chilled-out spot that is perfect for low-key breakfast dates after an intense hike or a walk around the downtown area.

Another popular sport among locals and tourists alike is the Firecreek Coffee Company. This rustic and wooden-interior spot is cool for those who want to spend some time relaxing with friends, reading a book, or working on their laptop. Featuring exposed stone, comfy seating, and tile decor, the modern interior and rustic vibes of this coffee shop make for a relaxing afternoon spot. We recommend trying an espresso-based iced drink — and then staying in the evening to try one of their alcoholic cocktails!

If you are missing the European atmosphere from your previous vacation, then head to Macy’s European Coffeehouse and Bakery — and vegetarian restaurant! Not only can you get a strong cappuccino, iced mochaccino, and everything in between, but you can pair your coffee or tea drinks with vegetarian food that is going to keep you full all day long. We recommend getting a soy milk coffee drink and camping out in this relaxed spot.

Plus, if you are still in the center of Flagstaff during your vacation, then head to the Late for the Train Coffee Shop, perfectly positioned in the heart of the bustling town. Try one of the strong mocha drinks or lattes to start your day off right — plus, with the old-school vibe, friendly staff, and tons of coffee flavors, everyone in your party will love spending their morning in this family-friendly and welcoming spot.

Lastly, Stronghold Coffee Company is for true caffeine aficionados! This chilled-out atmosphere offers adult ‘pop’ tarts, spicy chai lattes, and a dog-friendly interior that make it the ideal spot to spend some time after a nature walk with your pup on one of the many trails.

Best Bars in Flagstaff, AZ

Of course, after you get your coffee fix, it is time to head to one of the nearby restaurants, wine bars, pubs, and nightclubs! You ARE on vacation, after all, so you can afford to splurge and have a few (or a few dozen) drinks with your friends or family.

One of the coolest spots to head to at any point of the day is the Beaver Street Brewery. This American pub offers classic dishes, an old school interior, and a never-ending drink menu that is sure to keep you dancing and happy all night long. The Brewery offers tons of beers on tap, like local ales and mouthwatering pilsners, that are great for any point of the year.

Next, head to the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge to listen to some local music, enjoy live performances, and enjoy the funky atmosphere. The bright lights and the vintage vibes are perfect for starting your big weekend night out.

If you are in the mood to sip on some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon lasses or Pinot Grigio bottles, then head to the Cuvee 928 bar in the heart of Flagstaff. Head here to enjoy a long wine list featuring domestic and internal bottles, such as Anejo Fashioned, to split with your date or with the table.

Okay, so hear us out — The Uptown Billiards is a fun and exciting spot to go to any night of the week! Of course, the “kitschy” vibe and the tacky guitar outside may drive people away, but that is exactly why we love it! Featuring a “Route 66” theme and interior, you can really feel like you have gone back in time to old school America.

Another fun bar to check out during your time in Flagstaff is the Museum Club. This cool and electric bar on Historic Route 66 in Flagstaff is home to themed nights, poker games, and extremely cheap beer deals. If you and save some money on your vacation, then head here on Wednesday nights and get a bottle of beer for just 10 cents — yes, back to the olden times when you could get a drink for some pocket change!

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Does this sound like the ideal vacation getaway for you at the beginning of 2023? We think so too! You deserve to start the new year off in the best way possible. Instead of going to an overcrowded destination spot, choose somewhere with tons of outdoor activities, cool cafes, and exciting bars. Use Porter to check out a wide range of Flagstaff, Arizona vacation homes that can suit your unique needs. Book an unforgettable vacation today!