An Arizona vacation is destined to be one that claims a permanent place in your heart offering a glimpse of the old west with a generous view of the modern and beautiful but even the hardiest of travelers may feel that an Arizona vacation is best saved for the winter months. We at Stay Porter can completely understand your concern over high temperatures and if you do decide to try it anyway, we offer a beautiful selection of homes and condos in the desert! All are air-conditioned and most feature a crystal clear pool for extra cooling options, but we also offer another way to enjoy our wild west home state with our newest selection of homes located in sunny and cool Flagstaff! This town in the pines rarely reaches temps higher than the mid-80s and at night, as the mercury drops, you may find yourself eagerly turning to the fireplaces that are in many of our Flagstaff vacation rentals, enjoying the romance, cheer, and additional warmth they provide!

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As you begin your planning for your stay in our favorite mountain town, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at your housing options but just as we provide the best and most luxurious homes in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, our properties in Flagstaff are destined to impress! Choose Stay Porter and discover how we combine luxury, charm, and a friendly welcoming that makes every night the best one! Every property is different, styled according to the whims and interests of the homeowner, but all invite you to step inside, leave your troubles at the door, and fall into the comfort that you will never want to leave. Living rooms with plush furnishings and state-of-the-art televisions are the ideal spaces for impromptu naps, movie nights with the kids, or quiet moments best enjoyed with a good book, a great Arizona wine, and a fire roaring merrily.

The dining areas of our Flagstaff retreats are where families and friends will come together to laugh over dad jokes as they devour food prepared in the fully equipped kitchens located just steps away. These are the spaces where games will be played, plans will be made, and conversations will be had. In the kitchen, modern conveniences bring back the joy in cooking, and traditional charm and cheer ensure, that just as in your home, these rooms will be where everyone wants to hang out, snack, and perhaps share secrets and dreams that they feel uncomfortable doing in their busy real life at home.

Patios, decks, and balconies may look out onto the mountains that stand guard over our town, acres of pine trees, or in some instances, reveal the charm and beauty of the village that surrounds you. Barbecue grills are popular every season of the year, but in the summer months, the aromatic scents of the catch of the day (perhaps the ones you caught yourself during a fishing expedition to Upper Lake Mary) will have everyone salivating and gathering around the grill asking, “is it ready yet?”

The bedrooms of our Flagstaff homes are built for comfort, offering plush bedding topped with the softest of linens, some providing Smart TVs that will allow guests to fall asleep to their favorite streaming shows every night. If the one you choose does not have a tv, why not open the windows a bit and let the sounds of nighttime in Flagstaff lull you into a peaceful sleep? Perhaps a soak in a deep tub in the bathroom, accompanied by wine and a really good book is all you need for a night of sweet oblivion, or maybe your favorite Stay Porter Arizona escape will have a hot tub on the deck, letting guests simmer in the bubbles as they share secrets under an inky black sky dotted with the twinkling of a billion stars!

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Flagstaff is a college town that offers adventures of every kind. Winter visitors will surely thrill to spend their days on the slopes of Snowbowl (yes, we ski in Arizona) and summer visitors will fall in love with the ideal temperatures and beautiful landscape! Reach for the stars at Lowell Observatory or keep your feet firmly on terra firma as you sip wine from local wineries at FLG Terroir: Wine Bar & Bistro. Enjoy road trips to the mystical town of Sedona, located just 27 miles North of our favorite mountain town, or go exploring and step back into the far past with a visit to Montezuma Castle National Monument and learn all there is to know about the Sinagua people who made their homes in the cliffs for hundreds of years and then simply vanished without a trace. There is so much to see and do during your fabulous Flagstaff getaway and you will enjoy it, even more, when you come home to Stay Porter at the end of every day. Reserve your favorite today!