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Flagstaff Holiday Rentals

Flagstaff, Arizona, is one of the best locations for those who enjoy the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid skier and snowboarder, or if you prefer staying on dry land, there really is something for everyone in this nature-focused town.

This popular tourist destination has been on the radar for years now — and it is obvious why people head here all year round. Northern Arizona has been growing in popularity due to its numerous tourist attractions, cultural sights, historical significance, outdoor areas, restaurant scene, and shopping centers.

Along with including numerous Native American sights and landmarks, the geography of this beautiful state is unparalleled. Visitors and locals alike marvel at the green forests, staggering mountain peaks, and sharp crags that make for incredible views and summer hiking.

So, where should you stay during your upcoming trip to Flagstaff? Browse Flagstaff rentals for the holidays to find the perfect place for you and your family to relax and recuperate after a long day of exploring. We have a few places in mind!

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Things to do in Flagstaff, AZ

There are so many things to do here — where to start? Check out some of the top things to do in this bustling city.

Riordan State Historic Park

This natural green area and historical area is one of the most popular exhibits in the entire city. Featuring arts and crafts from times past, this historic park has been a protected area since the late 1970s, featuring an incredible two-story mansion that borders the popular Northern Arizona University.

Museum Of Northern Arizona

Another fun and educational place to visit during your upcoming holiday to Flagstaff is the Museum of Northern Arizona. Along with containing interesting exhibits and artworks that provide insight into the culture that formed Flagstaff as we know it, the architecture of the building is impressive in itself! Our Flagstaff holiday rentals are close to this exciting attraction!

After being founded in the late 1920s, this museum has only continued to grow in the last 100 years. Featuring geology works, art displays, and galleries, this museum does a fair job of paying tribute to the Native American tribes that lived in Northern Arizona.

Plus, if you visit here on a sunny day, you can enjoy the outdoor garden! We recommend heading here during a day when they hold museum events, such as storytelling, music, or workshops.

Flagstaff Extreme

Did you come to Flagstaff with your entire family? If your kids aren’t too thrilled with the idea of visiting museums and historical monuments on their holiday, we have a great idea. Head to Flagstaff Extreme to really keep them entertained and bond as an entire family! Flagstaff Extreme is an exhilarating zipline course and adventure area that will be one of the highlights of your entire trip.

Located just a few miles away from downtown and our Flagstaff holiday rentals, Flagstaff Extreme is easy to get to — making it the perfect half-day or full-day trip for families with kids. Or, if you are headed here with friends, that’s fun too — adults can also have a blast at this adrenaline-filled activity center!

But we have to warn you — we hope you’re not afraid of heights! This adventure area has the largest suspended challenge course in all of Arizona, featuring over 80 bridges, nets that are sky high, and swings that will throw you through the air. Sounds fun, right?

Grand Falls

The Grand Falls is a perfect place to visit for some serenity, scenic views, and a picnic lunch. Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Flagstaff and opt for the slower side of life in the Painted Desert. Grand Falls is just under an hour’s drive north of Flagstaff, making it the ideal full-day family trip with the kids.

Although this tiny waterfall is pretty skinny, the height is really what makes people’s jaws drop. Over 56 meters tall, this waterfall is powerful, tall, and exciting to see in person. You know how Niagara Falls is so popular? Well, this waterfall is actually TALLER than the famous Niagara Falls! Don’t believe us? Head here to take a few photos and check it out.

Plus, this waterfall is known for its incredible rainbows cast over the sparkling water. If you’re lucky, you can capture the moment to remember forever. Your best chance of getting a great photo is during the springtime, so we recommend coming here during March or April.

Arizona Snowbowl

Last but not least, the Arizona Snowbowl is arguably the reason why 99% of people head here during the winter. If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, you will love the fresh powder, dozens of routes, and hundreds of miles of trails that you can cruise down. Located just 30 minutes north of downtown and our Flagstaff rentals, this snow-covered mountain is the perfect way to get in some exercise, view the entire town of Flagstaff, and feel the cold wind in your face. We love it here!

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