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Flagstaff Vacation Rentals

Flagstaff, Arizona, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States — and there are so many reasons why! With dozens of outdoor-centric things to do, like hiking, biking, and white-water rafting, and other things to explore, like the historic downtown area, Native American settlements, and restaurants, you will never run out of activities and sights to see. Let’s see the main reasons why you should vacation here and why you should stay in our Flagstaff vacation rentals during your upcoming holiday!

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Why You Should Vacation in Flagstaff, Arizona

There are tons of things to do here in Flagstaff, Arizona! You will love the dense forests, never-ending desert, high mountain peaks, biking trails, and walking paths if you are an outdoorsy person. Plus, after a long day of strenuous exercise, you can swim, kayak, or canoe in one of the many lakes or rivers!

If you would rather relax on your holiday and kick back with your feet up, you can do that too. There are dozens of bars, restaurants, and cafes to lounge in during the day that can help you unwind from a stressful week of work.

If you are a history buff, you can explore the city’s historical side, taking in the old ruins, rock-dwelling, old Native American settlements, and other important monuments that represent an important part of American history.

Since there is something for everyone, this is a great place to bring the kids, your friends, or older family members. Check out some of these top things to do in Flagstaff!

Top Things to Do in Flagstaff

Now that you get a feel for why it is so great and enticing to come to Flagstaff during your next vacation, it can be helpful to plan a few excursions to do ahead of time.

Coconino National Forest

Get outside and visit one of the best national forests in the entire country — Coconino. With red rock canyons, mountains, deserts, and 1.8 millionaires that have activities everyone will enjoy. Even if you want to go hiking on a hot summer day, you can put your feet in the water or wander through the underground river caves to cool off!

Museum of Northern Arizona

During the hot summer days when it is just too hot to be outside, head to the Museum of Northern Arizona with your kids to learn some more about the local area. Since Arizona is a very important historical state that was home to many Native American tribes back in the day, the Museum of Northern Arizona can take you through an important phase of our history, the origins of the Native American tribes in the areas, and what happened to them as settlers came to the country.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of the most popular tourist attractions not only in the state of Arizona, but the entire world, Grand Canyon National Park is known for its extensive views, incredible rock formations, and wide range of hiking trails. After just a short drive from downtown Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon, you can take an independent walking tour, pay for an aerial helicopter tour, or book an on-site hotel to stay over in one of the most famous places in the United States.

Flagstaff, AZ Vacation Rentals

Now that you know a few things to do during your trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, you might be wondering — where should I stay? Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. Getting a rental property in Flagstaff is easy, fast, and stress-free if you use a professional company to help you decide on the best property for your needs and preferences.

Browse some of the best Flagstaff, AZ vacation rentals on the market to see which ones are big enough for your party, contain the right amenities, and have enough outdoor space to lounge around after a long day of exploring. Some of the most luxurious and high-quality property rentals for vacations and weekends away are those from Porter.

Many of our rentals are luxurious and modern homes that take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Porter has it all, whether you are renting an adobe-style house in the hills, putting money down for a mansion for a family reunion, or renting a one-bedroom condominium for you to explore Flagstaff.

Our properties are known for their beautiful interior decor, modern amenities, comfortable living spaces, ample bedrooms, cozy master suites, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. For those who want a luxurious vacation where they can explore Flagstaff out their front door and enjoy the modern amenities at a five-star resort, this is the best of both worlds.

For your upcoming Flagstaff holiday, find the perfect Flagstaff vacation rentals for your travel needs with Porter. Whether you are going as a solo traveler or heading to Arizona with your eight best friends, we have exceptional homes, services, and amenities for all of your needs.