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Top Scottsdale Travel Tips

There is a certain thrill and adventure to being able to see someplace new. There is a certain joy in the unknown, and we all love a good adventure. However, as every explorer knows, before you go head off on your travels, it’s a good idea to get as familiar with the area you plan to visit. After all, each area has its own history, unique culture, and an individuality that matches those who come and decide to stay. For this reason, we have gone ahead and put together some of our top Scottsdale travel tips to keep in mind when you decide to visit this city during your next vacation.


Safe Hiking

Some of the most important tips when you travel to Scottsdale, AZ, are involved with those who wish to go out and explore the nature world. Remember, the area gets extremely hot in the summer, and the heat starts rising quickly, and very early in the morning. For this reason, always make sure you check the temperature forecast and always bring plenty of water. It’s best to hike either in the early morning, while you’ll want to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day (usually between 2 and 4PM). Finally, in regard to hiking, always hike with a friend or fellow outdoor enthusiast. Don’t go out alone, and if you must, always remember to let people know where you are headed, your planned route, and when you expect to be home.


Keep the Surrounding Areas in Mind

Remember, Scottsdale is just a small part of the much larger Phoenix area which stretches 517 square miles and consists of more then 20 cities, towns, and more. This means that there is almost an endless number of things to do, restaurants to try, and places to see. So, don’t feel you have to commit yourself to only the Scottsdale area, as you’ll be missing out on some of the best things the area has to offer! It can be easy to get lost or turned around, so make sure you keep your phone handy for directions. As well, and this is true of anywhere you travel, don’t stick to the familiar. Try to avoid the typical tried and true chains you are familiar with back home and truly immerse yourself in the local culture and experience all the cuisine that the local chefs have to offer.


Keep an Open Mind

Due to the diversity the area has, as well as the culture of many different areas coming together, there is a bit of everything. You’ll find dozens upon dozens of galleries and museums showcasing the best the local artists have to offer, adventure tours where you can white water raft, hike, rock climb, or any number of other exploratory activities, endless hiking trails to explore and conquer, multiple parks to relax, endless shops to drool over, and many other items. So, make sure you keep an open mind so that you can see all that there is and possibly even discover some hidden gems you didn’t know existed during your Scottsdale travel adventure. Finally, make sure you keep your nights open, as the city has thriving nightlife ranging from night clubs to vineyards, breweries, theaters, plays, symphonies, concerts, and everything in between!


Book Your Scottsdale Escape

As you can see, there are several things to keep in mind when you travel to Scottsdale, AZ. However, the most important thing is to kick back and enjoy your vacation however you see fit! If you find yourself curious about any other useful tidbits or need some help planning an unforgettable itinerary, make sure you give Porter a call at (888)627-8207 or visit us online today.

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