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Top Facts About Scottsdale Arizona You May Not Know

Every city, town, and area has its own weird historical quirks, unique cultural aspects, or even just weird tidbits related to politics or economics. No matter what it is, knowing those interesting facts about the place your visiting gives it a depth that otherwise would be absent and allows us to truly appreciate the complexities of both the history, the culture, and all the other things that make a town what it is. Well, Scottsdale is no different, and while it is not the oldest, it does have its own host of intriguing facts that many may not know, even some of the locals! So, sit back, grab a drink, and prepare to learn some interesting facts about Scottsdale, Arizona, your new temporary home.


Enough Sunlight Already…

One thing that most of the United States is familiar with is the aspect of daylight savings, when we fiddle with the nature of time to give us some extra daylight. However, not many people know that Scottsdale, and the entire state of Arizona, doesn’t recognize daylight savings time and the clock stays nicely in place year-round. The reason for this is because, let’s face it, with an average of 314 sunny days a year, and summer temperatures well into the triple digits, we really don’t need anymore daylight. In fact, many of us are plenty eager for the sun to go down after a day spent under the piercing rays of the desert sun.


An Interesting Culture

We all know about things such as state flowers, state colors, state flags, etc. However, Scottsdale has gone the extra step to declare that it has an official city food: chili. Nobody is quite sure where the love for the spicy dish came from, or why it became such a staple of the culture, but many think it’s because of the popularity of the dish in the southwest and that many restaurants in the area have it as their specialty. As well, many people might think of fashion or luxury when they think of Scottsdale. However, the original culture was actually that of the humble farmer, to the point that the town was originally known as Orangedale thanks to the seemingly endless orange groves that called the area home.

More fun Scottdale facts are that the town has gained the title of “The West’s Most Western City,” which is quite a claim considering it lies in the heart of the Old West and cowboy country. In fact, this aspect of the west is so engrained that they hold the title of the only city with a college completely dedicated to cowboying. That’s right, if you come to Scottsdale, you have the ability to major in being a cowboy with classes designed to teach you to ranching, riding a horse, and livestock psychology.

In addition to agriculture and farming, the area has a booming art district and hosts over 70 different art galleries and museums. This shows that the town is not only one of the largest in Arizona but holds a great many hats ensuring there is something for everyone. Finally, you won’t be seeing any big red fire trucks during your stay, as the city purposefully opted out of the traditional red for a lime yellow.

As you can see, the city is much more then just a desert metropolis. From a unique history to interesting cultural aspects and city quirks one might not notice unless they were looking, Scottsdale is a fascinating place. If you’re curious what other interesting factoids Scottsdale is hiding, make sure you contact Porter today at (888)627-8207, and don’t forget to book your stay in one of our amazing rental properties!

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