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Best Time to Visit Scottsdale

There are many times during the year that we might desire to take a break and escape for a little bit to somewhere new and exciting. However, it can, at times, be difficult to decide when the best time is to leave. After all, it seems every place has that perfect time to visit. There are some places that are quite special because they are perfect to visit almost all year round. As you will come to find, Scottsdale fits in this category; however, you will find that there are certain times of the year when you will discover the best the area has to offer. So, read on and discover the best time to visit Scottsdale!


The Perfect Temperature in a Desert

Anyone who has visited the area can tell you that one of the best parts is it’s sunny almost all year round. Not only this, but even in the dead of winter it’s pleasant and one can go out in shorts if they so choose. However, this being said, many find that the summer months can be a bit uncomfortable due to the severe heat that has made the valley famous. However, you’ll find that during the spring the temperatures are quite pleasant with April having an average high temperature of 84, perfect for hiking, exploring nature, or just browsing the local shops. Fall is also the best time to go to Scottsdale, AZ, but with the added bonus of a crisp aspect to the breeze, and by October the heat of the summer has passed, averaging a high of 86. As well, during the tail end of summer you’ll find the area’s only rainy season, and it truly gets a years’ worth of rain in a short time. So, by coming in spring you get the cool weather, but not the worrying about raining out, and in fall you are gifted with our most green and beautiful period thanks to the water provided by the monsoons.


All Is Open and Available

You’ll find that not only are the spring and fall beautiful and a pleasant time to visit, but all the best attractions are running during these times. It’s cool enough to take advantage of such things as taking on Camelback Mountain as well as exploring the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. However, in fall you’ll also find the city changes its outfit, and for the month of October becomes a place of mysteries and spooks, complete with all your Halloween favorites such as costume parties, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and the all-too-important haunted house!

Of course, all this doesn’t mean one can’t come and visit during the heat of summer when the pools are the place of choice, the indoor activities are in full swing, and you never have to worry about needing a sweater. Of course, winter is always one of the best times to visit Scottsdale, as it rarely gets truly cold or snows, and the artistic side of the town comes in during the decorating. However, between the perfect weather and beholding the beautiful wildflowers as they bloom from the wet touch of the summer rains, the spring and fall truly are the best times to visit our beautiful desert home.

So, if your curious about learning just what you can do when you come and visit, make sure you contact Porter at (888)627-8207 or book your rental property online today!

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