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Winter Guide to Flagstaff

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Are you in the mood for a fun and exciting winter vacation? Maybe you finally have a Christmas off, or you just want to go somewhere new for New Year’s Eve this year. Instead of going to the same-old places, which can be overrun with tourists and too expensive, why not try somewhere new? Fortunately for you, we have the perfect place in mind — Flagstaff, Arizona. Even if you are out during the first few months of winter, you can hike on the trails before the snow comes, head to the ski slopes during the first snowfall, and check out some of the best restaurants in town. If you head here in the middle of the winter, then you can enjoy hours and hours on end of pristine skiing and snowboarding weather—and après ski, too! 

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There is no shortage of fun things to do in the winter season in Flagstaff, whether you like outdoor activities or you would rather go shopping on the main street. Let’s check out the top things to do during your winter holiday in Arizona; we guarantee you will never run out of fun things to do. Here is our winter guide to Flagstaff. 

Go to the Mountain 

Arguably the best thing to do during your winter season in Flagstaff is to head to the famous Arizona Snowbowl, a sprawling and extensive mountain resort that has kid-friendly trails, lessons for new skiers and snowboarders, and incredible views over the surrounding mountains. Whether you want to cruise down the easy blue slopes or you want to try your luck at black diamonds, Arizona Snowbowl has it all.  

Check Out the Wupatki National Monument 

Head to the Ponderosa Highlands to check out some of the history and culture of the Painted Desert and the Flagstaff area. Come here during the winter months to enjoy colder days, fewer crowds, and still learn about the famous history that has made Flagstaff so famous for tourists to visit from all over the world.  

Grand Canyon 

It might not be right around the corner, but you surely can’t pass up an amazing day trip to the Grand Canyon during your time in Flagstaff, Arizona! This natural wonder of the world is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world for a good reason — with extensive views over the surrounding area, this natural area of beauty, and the fresh snowfall that you will see on the massive red rocks is truly something that you will never forget for your entire life. Plus, the winter season sees much fewer people, so you can enjoy a bit of solitude and peace as you head here for a day trip.  

Snowmobiling on the Trails 

Another fun thing to do during your winter vacation in Flagstaff is to rent a snowmobile or go on a professional snowmobiling tour on the local trails. Zip through the pristine nature and see what the surrounding valleys, forests, and hillsides are like as you cruise by on a snowmobile.  

Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing 

 If you are not a huge fan of zipping down the steep slopes and you would rather take your time to see incredible nature, and get a great workout in during the process, then it is time to go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing! You can go on one of the many trails throughout the forests, hills, mountains, and open valleys in the Flagstaff area to get a great view of the ponderosa forest, aspen nature, and the Nordic villages. Warm yourself up with a cup of hot chocolate and continue along your way!  

Accommodation in Flagstaff, AZ 

Doesn’t Flagstaff sound like the ideal winter wonderland for you to visit during your time off in November, December, January, or February? We think so too! Whether you want to come here for Christmas, New Year’s, or a winter getaway, Flagstaff has dozens of activities for you to choose from.  

You can come here and get some great exercise in the mountains, or you can go shopping in the downtown area. No matter what you like, you can find something that will catch your fancy here in Flagstaff! 

Plus, our rentals are luxurious, spacious, and modern, giving you the perfect place to come back to after a long day of exploring and being outside. We can’t think of anything better than coming home to a comfortable couch, warm fireplace, and great vibes after spending the entire day out in the cold air.  

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