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Thanksgiving Guide to Sedona

There are many places you can go during Thanksgiving time in Arizona. Not only can you head outside and hike on one of the many trails, check out the incredible views over the surrounding towns, or try some of the nearby cafes with mouthwatering food and iced drinks, but you can enjoy some of the annual festivities that surround Thanksgiving in Sedona.

Sedona is a magical place known for its red rocks, friendly locals, ample nature possibilities, and tons of shops and restaurants. What isn’t to love? Plus heading here during the fall season is the best time to come here, as you can avoid the throngs of tourists that come here in these memes and the overbearing heat. Come to Sedona in November to enjoy pristine weather, amazing views, fewer crowds, and a great time! You can partake in some of the annual Thanksgiving in Sedona events, attractions, and activities that occur in Sedona every single year. Let’s check out the best thing to do in this Arizona town during the Thanksgiving holiday and why the fall is the IDEAL time to come to this picturesque and fun-filled getaway location.

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Burn Some Calories in the Annual Sedona 5K Turkey Trot

We know that you might be eating a lot today for this fun holiday! That’s okay, you are aloe to treat yourself and have fun with your friends or family. Plus, you can burn some calories and start your day off right with the Annual Sedona Turkey Trot in the Posse Grounds Park. Not only is this the best way to kickstart your day and have fun with your group, but you can feel better about the plate full of stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.


Oak Creek Arts and Crafts Show

The next event that you MUST go to during your time in Sedona, AZ, is the Oak Creek Arts and Crafts Show. Head here in the Village of Oak Creek at the Los Rosales Restaurant to check out the local arts, paintings, sculptures, and other creations from the talented people who make the Sedona arts scene one of the best in the entire country.


Test Your Luck on the Golf Course

The next thing to do in Sedona during Thanksgiving is to head to one of the best golfing championship courses that will really make you feel like Tiger Woods! Schedule a tee time with your friends or family and enjoy the cool breeze and the Sedona weather. You can soak in the panoramic views and take a few photos of the amazing green course as you swing the nine iron. Even if you are a newbie, you can have fun putting on the easy green and riding the golf carts!


Go Fishing in the Bright Blue Waters

There are tons of lakes, rivers, and seas that make Sedona, AZ, beautiful and idyllic. Head to Oak Creek, just a couple miles north of the city center to test your luck with fly fishing, go for a cold-water swim in the amazing river, and hop into the swimming hole to wake yourself up early in the morning!


Go Hiking on One of the Nature Trails

We also love going hiking or walking on one of the nature trails with your kids or your partner during a railing Thanksgiving in Sedona vacation. You can choose your favorite trail, whether it is an easy saunter or a lung-busting climb that is going to give you the best views of the entire area! Burn off some of those stuffing and gravy calories while seeing all that Sedona nature has to offer.


Sip on Some Cabernet at the Sedona Wineries!

Last but not least, Sedona, AZ is no stranger to drinks, including wineries and breweries! We love going to Winery 1912 in the Sinagua Plaza, Vino Zona in the Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Center, or taking the Winter Tours of Sedona tour throughout the incredible landscape. We recommend going to one of the many wineries and trying a glass of red cabernet sauvignon or a white glass of pinot grigio to pair with some cheese, fruits, and crackers.


Accommodation in Sedona, AZ

Doesn’t Sedona sound like the best place to stay for your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? We think so too! Instead of going to a hot and tropical location that is going to be overrun with tourists, why not head somewhere with a cool breeze and an amazing landscape? You can’t go wrong! Plus, Porter offers luxurious, spacious, and modern accommodation options that are suitable for parties of various sizes. You can choose any type of property that works for your unique needs, whether you need an outdoor pool, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances, or multiple bedrooms! Put your faith in us, and we will make sure you have the best time possible during your Thanksgiving holiday.

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