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Spring Guide to Sedona

Sedona is one of the best places to head any time of the year. Featuring incredible scenery, cool activities, interesting attractions, cultural events, and a bustling restaurant scene, there is literally an endless number of things to do during any month. However, we think that springtime is one of the best seasons to head here and really see all that Sedona has to offer. You can head outside at any time of the day with a light jacket and be perfectly fine. You can do all of the best outdoor activities, head into the downtown area without tons of crowds, and explore the bustling arts, cultural, and music scene. Let’s check out the top things to do on a Sedona Spring adventure.


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Go for a Hike or Bike Ride

Going hiking or biking is the best way to get high up into the sky and see the surrounding valleys, mountains, forests, and towns. Not only is this a great way to get in some exercise during your holiday, but it provides you with amazing vistas that you wouldn’t see otherwise. We love going to the famous Red Rocks for some great photo op routines, going to Red Rock State Park’s trailhead to tackle some of the tougher trails, or heading to Schnebly Hill to go on a lung-busting trail up to the very top.

If you are not a huge fan of hiking by yourself or your group are all novice hikers, we recommend joining one of the local running or hiking groups! This is a great way to find out the best trails to go on and feel safer in the process. Check out Sedona Trail Zen to hike to the top of The Hike House.

Another fun thing to do is the mountain biking excursions and courses in Sedona. Mountain biking here is not for beginners, FYI! But if you have experience, we highly recommend going to Absolute bikes to rent a bike and going to any of the nearby trails to get an adrenaline rush during your vacation.


Go on an ATV Ride

Another fun activity that you can do in Spring in Sedona that goes along well with the adrenaline theme is taking an ATV Ride! Of course, as we said with biking, do not do this if you are a true beginner. We recommend using a professional company that can provide you with lessons or a driver to take you on the course. Use Arizona Offroad Tours to rent an ATV or go with a guide to explore the outback and the areas surrounding the Arizona canyons.

One of the most beautiful areas to go to are Shaman’s Cove and Soldier’s Pass. If you really have a head for heights, head to Skeleton Bone Mountain to get amazing views of the surrounding scenery!


Go on a Kayak River Tour

If you need to cool off after the intense hiking, biking, and riding, go on a kayak river tour along the Verde River! This is one of the best ways to cool off and still do a fun outdoor activity during the hotter spring afternoons. We love doing this with friends and admiring the incredible scenery, looking at the cool vegetation along the river, and working our way through the waves and ripples that challenge the direction of the kayak. Just don’t worry about getting your hair wet during this half-day excursion!

For beginners, we recommend using Clarkdale Kayak Company or Verde Adventures to rent a kayak and take some lessons. You can go on a beginner’s course by yourself or your group, or head with a professional teacher who can help you navigate the waves and help with any issues that may arise.


Enjoy Spring in Sedona

If Sedona sounds like your perfect springtime getaway, we don’t blame you! There are tons of fun outdoor things for you to do during this period of amazing weather. We recommend using Porter to find the best accommodation for you and your party’s needs, including luxurious and spacious homes, modern and sleek apartments, and cool and upscale condos.

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