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Christmas Guide to Sedona

Are you in the mood to get out of your hometown and go somewhere new for the holiday season? We think that’s a fun thing to do! Instead of sitting around the same-old table and doing the same-old things, a little change in the routine can be great. Christmastime is meant to be spent with families and doing things you all enjoy — so why not go somewhere where you can enjoy the snow, go shopping, head to a great restaurant, and really feel the holiday cheer?

That’s right. Instead of sitting inside all winter long in your tiny apartment or not being able to enjoy the snow, we believe that going somewhere that you can enjoy the winter weather is key. Let’s check out the best things to do in Sedona during this Christmas season — trust us, you will never be bored! Check out our hand-made itinerary of the best things you should do during your time at Christmas in Sedona.


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Go for a Hike in the Early Morning

Before you even open the presents, go for a nice hike in the cold weather! Being out and about before other people are awake is the ideal way to start the morning. You can catch the amazing sunrise over the forests and the mountains, giving you one of the highlights of your holiday. Then, you can go back home and curl up by the fire and open presents!


Go for Brunch

After you open presents with your family, you might be feeling hungry — but the last thing you want to do is cook during your holiday. We recommend going to Chocolatree for an early brunch! After all, you might be eating a lot today, so starting here is the best way to kick-start your day. We love the laid-back vibe, ethically sourced food and drinks, and the vegan menu that is inclusive to everyone. We recommend getting a small dish to share with your partner, like avocado toast, sweet pancakes with nut butter, or a vegan quesadilla. We also love the vegan chipotle tomato pizza, bean burrito, avocado herb sandwich, and chocolate chip brownie for dessert!


Time to Relax

If you are going on a Sedona, Arizona Christmas holiday with your partner, getting a couple’s massage is a fun way to bond and spend time with one another. We recommend getting the vortex or therapeutic massage in Uptown Sedona if you have been feeling a bit stressed in recent weeks.


Eat Christmas Dinner

Okay, you might still be hungry even after your earlier coffee and meal! What now? Are there any restaurants open? Fortunately, yes, there are! Sedona has tons of restaurants that are open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that are perfect for people with varying interests.

One of the best spots that we recommend trying is the Creekside American Bistro. We love the ahi tuna tartare nachos with fresh ginger, mango, shallots, and sesame sauce. Or try the crispy duck confit with star anise, cinnamon stick, and green beans. We also love the seasonal salmon or the lamb adobo with red curry sauce as main dishes!

Another one of our favorites is the Mesa Grill. If you are in the mood for Mexican food, head here! Try the Chef’s Breakfast, complete with chicken chorizo, dried cherries, two eggs, avocado, and farro. Or you may love the Huevos Rancheros, a hefty plate with two eggs, famous beef chili, pulled pork, Oaxaca cheese, grilled jalapenos, and a dollop of avocado. If you come to Mesa Grill for dinner, you can’t go wrong with the St. Louis pork ribs with bean sand slaw or the char-broiled vegetables with spinach, roasted tomato, goat’s cheese, and pine nuts.

Last but not least, the Oaxaca Restaurant and Rooftop Cantina is one of the most popular spots in the local area! People love the grilled Arizona cactus with romesco sauce and red peppers to split with the table. Or the espinaca con queso with spinach and tomatoes is a big hit. Personally, we love the Macho Nachos with chilies, beans, tomatoes, and scallions. You can’t go wrong with any classic Mexican dish at this yummy restaurant!


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If you are planning a Christmas in Sedona trip, you can rest assured there are dozens of things to do. Not only will you be able to find a restaurant open for Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, but you can head outside, soak in the fresh air, and enjoy nature.

Plus, Porter offers luxurious and modern homes that are suitable for parties of varying needs. Whether you need a huge mansion for a large family reunion or a small condominium for you and your partner, we offer something for everyone. We guarantee that using our services will make this the best holiday season yet!

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