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Tortes De Fuego

Our favorite part of vacation traveling is getting the opportunity to taste the flavors of the towns we are visiting, and if you are on the same page, a visit to Tortes de Fuego Sedona should definitely be added to your itinerary! Offering a taste of Mexico that is as inexpensive as it is flavorful, this colorful restaurant is open every day of the week from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM, ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to work your way through their delicious menu.


Located at 1630 AZ-89A in Sedona

If you are looking for stuffy waiters, over-priced entrees, and white tablecloths, we suggest you move on by, because Tortes de Fuego doesn’t offer any of those! Instead, this is the spot where bright and colorful décor (including cobalt blue tables), friendly staff, and the decadent aromas that accompany truly great Mexican food fills the air. Every bite you sample promises to offer an explosion of flavors in your mouth, and because there’s no pretense here, no one will notice that you wore your comfy clothes in preparation for the giant meal you are about to enjoy!


Simplemente Deliciosa

It takes a lot to impress the residents of red rock country; knowing that Tortes de Fuego has been voted best Mexican Food in Sedona should make you want to visit even more! The menu of this exciting restaurant includes tacos and burritos for the more timid diners, but if you have an adventurous palate, we suggest you start your meal with a ceviche cocktail. Made with fresh seafood, spicy cocktail sauce, and served in a giant glass, every bite promises to be the adventure you dreamed of when you first started making plans for your Southwest getaway! Tortes aren’t just the name of the restaurant, however; they fill a large section of the menu. Torta is the Mexican version of our classic sandwiches, so why not sample the one from which Tortes de Fuego took its name from? The Torta de Fuego, made with chorizo, grilled steak, ham, pineapple, Oaxaca cheese, and grilled onions is a fiesta made for your mouth. It is spicy enough that it is not recommended for the faint of heart! Finish off your meal with delicious bowl of fried ice cream and give a private thanks that you remembered to wear your stretchy pants for this flavorful and filling meal.


Time for a Nap?

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