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The Grille at Shadow Rock

Located in the shadows of the red rocks that surround our city and open every day from 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM, this beautiful space is a little pricier than other options in the area, but on special occasions, isn’t it worth spending a little more? The Grille at Shadow Rock offers a posh, chef-driven dining experience you will never forget.


Located at 90 Ridge Trail Drive in Sedona

Offering poolside tables outside (this restaurant is located inside the Hilton) and a sleek copper accented space on the inside, the atmosphere of this elegant restaurant appeals to all who enter. Large walls of windows allow guests to peer out onto the majesty of the Sedona landscape when lack of exterior tables or inclement weather drives them inside. The well-trained wait staff is attentive without staying in your space too long, and their friendly smiles make all guests feel welcome.


Time to Dine

The Grille at Shadow Rock Sedona is another pet friendly Sedona eating spot, so if you have your fur babies with you, bring them along and order for them off the Shadow Rock Pet Menu. Featuring appetizers that include crudité plates with pet friendly vegetables and a broth they call Red Whine made with 50% chicken and beef broth, 25% cranberry juice, and 25% water, their main dishes include a burger topped with peanut butter and accompanied by fries; if your dogs are eating this well, you can pretty much expect to dine like royalty yourself! Offering a selection of small plates that feature Spanish octopus, chips and salsa, and drunken ceviche, these dishes are perfect for smaller appetites or as a start for the main entrée. Our absolute favorite entrée, Parisian Truffle Gnocchi, brings us back to our European traveling days as it offers an explosion of old world flavors that will make your taste buds stand up and take notice. Created from a chive truffle gnocchi, shoyu wild mushrooms, asparagus and beurre blanc combine to make a dish so tasty you will find yourself dreaming about it long after you have returned to real life!


Get Comfortable

After a fancy meal, the greatest luxury of all will be returning to your Stay Porter vacation home and escaping into the comfort for which our homes are known. Reserve yours today!

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