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Winter Guide to Scottsdale

Do you want to go somewhere for Christmas and the holiday season that is fun, exciting, and new? We think that is a great idea! Instead of going to the same-old spot, we recommend heading to a new location. Check out Scottsdale, AZ! This cool city is one of the best spots for those who want to get outside, play in the snow, and check out the downtown area without having to bear the summer heat. Although tons of people come to Scottsdale during the summer month to go hiking, swimming, and do watersports, we think that Scottsdale is the best during the wintertime. Not only can you avoid the throngs of tourists, but you can gaze at the incredible winter wonderland scenery. Seeing the infamous red rocks covered in snow is one of the most beautiful sights that you will ever see in the entire United States!

During your time here, it is best to think of the best activities, events, and annual attractions that you can see during the winter months. There are some things that you may only be able to see during December and January, such as Christmas-themed events and New Year’s Eve parties that are going to blow your socks off! Let’s check out a helpful Winter in Scottsdale guide, that is perfect for people of all ages and interests!


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Carefree Christmas Festival

During your Christmas time in Scottsdale, heading to the Carefree Christmas Festival is a must! Not only is the festival laid back and relaxed, but the town that hosts this festival is actually called Carefree! Doesn’t that just put you in the best mood ever? We think so too! This annual festival is one of the biggest events in this tiny town, offering a huge tree lighting ceremony, thousands of strands of lights hung up around the streets, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, photo opportunities, and other fun family-friendly activities that are great for young kids.

We love bringing the little kids and teenagers here for families who want to see all that Scottsdale winter has to offer. Not only can you see the typical tree lighting ceremony light up the entire town, but you can also enjoy watching the firework displays brighten up the dark sky, attend the menorah lighting for this holiday season, and buy some last-minute souvenirs at the holiday gift markets, such as small stocking stuffers and cool Christmas sweaters.

After doing a bit of last-minute shopping and buying your kids some yummy holiday snacks and presents to bring home to their friends, you can head to meet Santa in person! We know that this is going to be one of the highlights of your kid’s holiday season, as they can get a great photo opportunity with the man from the North Pole and tell him what they want for Christmas. Parents, make sure you listen closely!

Plus, as you walk around the great outdoors and marvel at the incredible lights and decorations, you can buy your kids yummy holiday treats like candy canes, hot chocolate to keep you warm, chocolate-drizzled popcorn, Christmas cookies, and much more. For the adults, having a Christmas-themed cocktail, like a Hot Toddy, is a great way to stay warm on a snowy day!

We think that this should be one of the top events to go to during your winter in Scottsdale. If you get to Carefree earlier during the day, we highly recommend walking around the picturesque Carefree Desert Gardens to look at the local wildlife and the beautiful flowers of the region.


Winter Fun in Scottsdale

As you can see, wintertime in Scottsdale, Arizona is always a great experience! Not only can you get outside and see all the beautiful nature, burn some calories, and bond with your family over the holidays, but you can explore smaller towns in the surrounding area like Carefree.

We love Scottsdale during the wintertime. Head here to meet Santa Claus and have an unforgettable holiday. Book one of our high-end holiday destinations with Porter to have a vacation you will never forget.

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