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Sedona Investment Real Estate

Sedona is a beautiful and small town that is perfectly nestled in the red rock mountains of northern Arizona. This pristine town is an amazing bubble of modern beauty combined with natural awe. These conditions really set the area up as a premier location to own Sedona investment properties, but the process to find them can be intimidating. Porter strives to simplify the buying experience to provide you with the best investment property you can get your hands on. Here is how we at Porter run our investment real estate program.

Experts in the Sedona Vacation Rental and Real Estate Market

In order to ensure that we find you the best investment property on the market we make sure that our staff are experts in the local real estate market. Porter’s team includes certified vacation rental and Sedona real estate experts who know the neighborhoods and interesting sites that your investment home will be located in and near. Porter’s staff stays up to date on the home values, local market trends, and other information that relates to the running and booking of your property. Our philosophy is that we should know everything possible about the local market to make your home purchase and manager the most profitable possible. This includes the small things like public transportation routes, entertainment districts, and much more about the local scene. Our Arizona based team knows the ins and outs of the local real estate market down pat. This makes our team members and real estate agents get the inside scoop on where the best areas are to purchase investment homes, where the local entertainment districts and where to find the best examples of the Sedona natural beauty to ensure constant bookings in this amazing area.

Real Estate and Property Management Brought Together

Not only will Porter find you the best rental property in Sedona, AZ available, but we also offer our services to ensure your home is managed properly. Along with matching you up to a great investment home, we want to be invested in your success. We help you understand everything it takes to best manage, market, and show your property to potential renters. Not only do we have experienced real estate and property management team members, but also many other team members, contractors, and more to make sure the rental and maintenance of your property runs seamlessly all year long. The goal is to put people in the investment home for as many days as possible throughout the year to maximize your earning potential.

Dual Purpose Investing

Along with maximizing your earning potential, many of our customers want to get an investment home that will also be beneficial to their travel plans. We know that there are hundreds of markets and destinations you could choose from to buy an investment home, but there is a reason why so many people choose Sedona. The weather here is amazing almost year-round. With temperate winters in the 60s to 70s, amazing historical value like the famous Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross, and gorgeous sunsets year-round, Sedona is not only desirable for people to rent your home but also for you. Many of our investors choose to block off days of the year so that they are able to stay in their own homes like a summer/winter home. You can enjoy all of the benefits your customers are looking to enjoy, but in a home you own. You can then turn this amazing investment into a retirement plan when you are done renting it out. Many people love to utilize the rental services for years and then convert their amazing home into a long-term retirement plan. Sedona is a great city with plenty of activities for all ages and is consistently somewhere people want to retire. No matter if you want to utilize this as an investment opportunity, a retirement plan, or vacation home for yourself, it’s all-around great investing for long-term use that pays for itself.

Expected Return on Sedona Investment Properties

The average return on investment, considering all markets and all price points, is about $33,000 annually. A high-end luxury home marketed and maintained by Porter can earn anywhere from $60,000 to $125,000 or more annually. Our real estate team achieves high occupancy rates for our clients by utilizing industry-leading, dynamic pricing in tandem with a cutting-edge digital advertising and marketing strategy for all the vacation rentals we handle. We will work within your comfortable spending amount to ensure you get the most bang for your buck on the Sedona investment properties that fits your needs. Sedona is an interesting market that is very desirable and can fluctuate on this return depending on your level of initial investment.

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