Many people knows that Arizona is located in the Southwest, and with that being said, think it does not receive much rainfall throughout the year. However, we all know that Mother Nature likes to play tricks on us sometimes and rain can hit when you least expect it. Have some back-up activities during your stay in Flagstaff just in case you come across any unexpected rainstorms. Rain does not mean your time in the area is ruined! Take a look at some of our favorite rainy-day activities to do in Flagstaff:

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Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

Whenever the rain falls in Flagstaff, make sure to do yourself a favor and visit the Riordan Mansion State Historic Park. The Riordan Mansion was built in 1904 for two Riordan families to live in the area. This is no typical home and instead an expansive mansion that features 40 different rooms. It has been turned into a State Historic Park and is open for guided tours. Guests can visit the property and be wowed by the incredible architecture of the home. The home itself features over 13,000 square feet that can be explored. Tours are only $10, making this an extremely budget-friendly activity. Architect buffs and anyone who appreciates some Flagstaff history will find this activity to be one of their favorites!

Museum of Northern Arizona

Flagstaff is located in a unique landscape here in Northern Arizona, as it features a variety of biological and geological resources. The Museum of Northern Arizona was created to be better understand this vast region along with showing locals and visitors a detailed look at Flagstaff’s landscape. Visitors will find that the Museum of Northern Arizona has nine permanent and rotating exhibit galleries that focus on natural sciences, tribal lifeways, fine arts, and Native American cultures. The onsite bookstore and museum shop is award winning and is a great place to find a gift for someone back home. A tour of the museum usually takes approximately 1-2 hours with tours available between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Flagstaff Visitor Center

Come see all things Flagstaff by visiting the Flagstaff Visitor Center here in town. The visitor center is actually located inside the Historic Train Station. You will be able to make the most of your trip to the area by starting off with a stop here. Visitors can find maps of the area, watch the trains take off from the station, and explore the vast gift shop. You will find practically everything at the gift shop, allowing you to bring all things Flagstaff related back home to your loved ones.

Hit the Local Breweries

Flagstaff is home to outdoor enthusiasts who share a love for exploring the rich landscape of the area and then finish their day off at one of the local breweries. Flagstaff is home to a variety of local breweries, many of which are favorites of travelers from all over. Hide away from the rain by visiting one of these local taphouses for handcrafted ales.

Mother Road Brewing has been around for years and is the perfect stop for IPA lovers. Hang out in their intimate tasting room where you can see all of the brewing equipment used to make their delicious beers. Dark Sky Brewery is one of the more recent additions in town but has become an instant favorite since they first opened a few years ago. Stop by their original brewery for a tasting flight of some of their unique beers. This location also shares an indoor space with Pizzicletta, a tasty and fan favorite pizza joint that uses a wood fire oven for their delicious pizza pies. You cannot go wrong with a stop by any brewery here in town as you hide out from the rain.

For a unique beverage as you hide from the rain stop by Drinking Horn Meadery and Mead Hall. This local purveyor of mead brings you the delicious adult beverage that you may have tried at a Renaissance faire, but this one is made locally. Enjoy this honey wine that uses natural fruit flavors for a drink like nothing you have had before.

Catch a Movie

If all else fails, you can always head to the nearest movie theatre in Flagstaff and wait out the rain by catching a movie. Harkins Flagstaff 16 features giant screens, delicious snacks, and the best movies in town all in one place. Having 16 screens allows visitors to have the most choices for their movie selection whenever they want to see a movie on the big screen.

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