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Property Management in Sedona

Build a relationship of trust

In a world where we are rapidly learning that our needs, wants, and desires don’t necessarily matter or count, wouldn’t it be nice to find a place where the opposite is true? A place where we can go to have our fears assuaged, our dreams realized, and even more rare, the customer is always right, is the dream we all have, and when you choose Stay Porter for your property management Sedona, AZ services, your dream will be realized. We understand the importance of managing your largest investment, and we also understand that it takes a partnership between owners and property management companies for success to occur; if your rental is not successful, we have failed at our jobs! So whether you are just beginning the search for the perfect property or have been in the business for years, choosing Stay Porter promises to help you realize your fiscal dreams as you sleep easily at night leaving the details and hard work of property management to us!

Marketing Done Right

As vacation rentals become the new norm for today’s travelers, property management companies are opening in large numbers, but not all companies are created equal. From marketing strategies to tax paperwork, we ensure that every little detail is covered, and as we constantly do the research to find new and better ways to market your rental, you benefit from the knowledge we seek. We market your property on all the important travel sites, so the chances of your beds remaining open are rare, giving you the peace of mind you hoped for when you began your investment journey! During the off season— yes, every location has an off season—we don’t sit back, wipe our brows, and just accept lower numbers. Instead, we open up your property to corporate housing networks, revealing your space to a whole new demographic of renters and creating a more consistent flow of income.

More Bang For Your Buck

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No Nickel and Diming

Nothing is more frustrating than the unexpected fees and costs that pop up on a daily basis in your life. From streaming services that have taken over your favorite shows so you have to pay more to view them to property management companies in Sedona who have found new ways to add to their own coffers while depleting yours, your level of frustration can be high. With Stay Porter, however, we don’t believe in nickel and diming our owners, and the statements you receive every month will be consistently the same. If problems do arise that may not be covered in our contract, we discuss every detail with you, being sure that you agree with the costs and the plans before the work begins. If for some reason we forget? It’s our mistake, and the work is absolutely free. Your trust is far more important than a few extra dollars!

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Absolutely, Not!

Just because we want to take the onus of the burden of vacation property ownership off our clients, it doesn’t mean the clients won’t be in on every detail along the way. You’ve invested a lot of money in this business, and you deserve the right to ensure that it is being handled the way YOU want it handled. As such, we have created a technology that keeps you informed on bookings, cancellations, even on the times we are at your house. Whether we are checking up on it, cleaning, repairing, or simply helping a tenant with an issue, notices will be sent to the email address of your choice, informing you of our presence at your property.

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The Important Details

There are a million little details involved with renting out your property, and we take care of them all as top-notch property management companies in Scottsdale. From initial and ongoing marketing to middle of the night phone calls to designing websites that make renting the property easy, all these details are important parts of our jobs that we do well. Something you may not have considered before beginning your search for a property management company are the legalities behind vacation property rentals. In most parts of the United States, it is required that your property management company is bonded and insured and that they pay the taxes for city and state, and of course, we at Stay Porter have that covered!

Don't worry about a thing

Our passion to make your investment a total success does not interfere with one of our most important underlying goals: bringing back the belief that the customer is always right! We work hard to answer every question, reassure all your fears, and to learn from you as well. Your opinions, thoughts, and input are extremely important to the success of our partnership, and we firmly believe that there’s always more to learn. Give Porter Vacation Rental Management a call today at (928) 364-3188 and let’s work together to make one of the biggest investments of your life the BEST INVESTMENT you have ever made into property management in Sedona!

We take care of the whole rental process

We take the hassle out of being a landlord. You won’t have a thing to worry about. From putting the house online to its preparation, from welcoming the clients to accompanying them throughout their stay. Our staff knows all the ins and outs of working with renters, you, and your property.

We manage all of the formalities concerning the rental

There really is nothing to worry about. We see to details and formalities big and small. From payments to contracts and even TPT taxes. You can be confident we haven’t missed a trick.

Your house is supervised by our local representative

...who assures the preparation and the inspection of your house before, during and after our client's stay. Enjoy a worry-free experience. Trust that our local representative in charge of your home cares for your property 24/7.

Expand your ROI

If you’ve been renting your home yourself or aren’t seeing the kind of success you’d like with the company you’ve chosen to manage your rental, consider us for property management in Sedona, AZ. Listing your high-end, luxury property with us means superb service with you and your future tenants in mind. We’ll advise you on how to best present your home – from basic maintenance or fixes to upgrades that attract clients all year long. Your investment in your property as well as our company is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Contact us at (928) 364-3188 for more information!