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Camelback Mountain

If you are in the mood to break a sweat and get in some steps during your upcoming Phoenix holiday, we have the perfect place for you! Escape the heat of downtown Phoenix and get some fresh air during a hike to the top of Camelback Mountain.

Located only 20 minutes by car from downtown Phoenix, this famous natural area is well-known by locals and tourists alike. It is no wonder that thousands of hikers visit here every year after seeing photos of the incredible views from the peak!

This mountain contains a variety of trails, with some difficult options ascending over 1,400+ feet in one trip and others being perfectly suited for beginners or those with small children. If you push past your fatigue to make it to the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city down below.

After becoming a city park in the late 1960s, this infamous park is located next to the Arcadia neighborhood, one of the hippest and most remarkable spots in the entire city. You can quickly head here after hiking Camelback Mountain for a cool drink or mouthwatering dinner.

During your trip to Camelback Mountain, we recommend exploring on foot via the Cholla Trail or Echo Canyon Trail. Both of these hikes are considered difficult, although those with previous hiking experience and proper equipment will find the trails much more fun than strenuous!

After some hand-over-hand climbing at the end, all visitors can enjoy the incredible view at the top of the mountain. Both trails are 2.5-miles- round trip, making it doable in as little as 2 hours. If you would rather take your time, you can meander along the path and finish in 3 hours.

As you climb the steep trail, keep an eye out for some of the natural wildlife and plants in the local area. You might even see the famous Chuckwalla lizard, noisy rattlesnakes, cottontail rabbits, or tortoises slowly moving along. Some of the plants to look for include the saguaro, mesquite trees, and pear cacti — but don’t touch them!

If you are someone who would rather just look at the mountain — and not climb it — you can head to one of the local restaurants in the nearby area to see this incredible landmark from a comfortable chair!

For a fun afternoon adventure, try hiking Camelback Mountain with your friends, family, or partner. We can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny, summer day before heading into downtown Phoenix to refuel. Check out Stay Porter to find a place to stay that is just a stone’s throw away from this iconic landmark!

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