Whether you travel somewhere new or somewhere you’ve visited many times before, you want to feel just like a local. That can mean visiting all of the under the radar attractions, visiting all of the local favorite restaurants and bars, or participating in local events. Another great way to feel just like a local when you visit somewhere is by checking out the local markets. Whether you stop by the local farmers market or a craft market you are sure to find a variety of goods and services found nowhere else. Flagstaff features many different markets throughout the year to check out. Take a look at when and where you can find the local craft and farmers market in Flagstaff:

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Flagstaff Community Market

One simply cannot visit Flagstaff during the summer months without making a pit stop over at the Flagstaff Community Market. This local market is the city’s biggest farmers market and has made a name for itself to be named one of the top Arizona markets. The Flagstaff Community Market is a seasonal event that occurs from the months starting in May and running up until October, perfect for the warm and sunny summer weather. While some Arizona locations avoid outdoor summer events due to the heat, Flagstaff’s elevation keeps the temperatures nice and cool all summer long.

This will be The Flagstaff Community Market’s 24th year in the area leading into the 2024 summer season. The market first kicked off in 2000 to supply a gathering of local farmers, growers, and all other agriculture related industries. The Flagstaff Community Market allows independent producers and growers of all sizes to have a place to provide the community with locally sourced products. Since then the Flagstaff Community Market has grown to include an outlet for local vendors and artisans to sell their unique and individual goods and services. Visitors can now purchase anywhere from fresh local produce to make with your meals along with soaps, jewelry, hot snacks, and much more. The Flagstaff Community Market will be held every Sunday from May to October over at City Hall. The market runs from 8:00 AM to noon with dogs not allowed at this time. Don’t miss out on this include local farmers market!

Flagstaff Urban Flea Market

While the Flagstaff Community Market has a focus first on local farmers the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market is a little different. This unique market is the perfect gathering space for vendors, artisans, and peddlers who are on hand to sell a variety of goods. You can literally find almost anything here at the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market. If you are searching for collectibles, you can find a variety of records, books, antiques, minerals, leatherwork, woodwork, and much more. Artisan soaps and soap making kits always make for a perfect gift for someone back home. Clothing options include a variety of brand-new clothing from independent designers as well as vintage clothing. You can find a variety of household goods, flowers, ceramics, tools, toys, and so much more.

The Flagstaff Urban Flea Market is another summer seasonal event taking place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays during the months of June through October. The fun starts on June 8th with each following event taking place at City Hall. The market runs from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM so you will not have to worry about time and shop until your heart is content. Don’t’ miss out on the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market!

Sleigh, A Winter Market

Last but not least you will find Sleigh, A Winter Market when you visit Flagstaff during the winter season. This winter market is a two-day event that is all things focused on the holiday season. The 2024 Sleigh, A Winter Market is scheduled to take place this year on December 7th and 8th just in time for the holiday season. The market will bring together local vendors and gift makers for your standard market set up. You can browse a variety of gifts that also include holiday items and decorations. Specialty food will be on hand to ensure you don’t go hungry and make for the perfect lunch. Food trucks and art booth add the perfect charm to round off this event. Sleigh, A Winter Market will take place on December 7th and 8th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at City Hall.

More Fun Here in Flagstaff

These three markets are the perfect way to explore Flagstaff just like a local. Make the most of your visit by booking a stay at one of our many vacation rentals in the area. Flagstaff will offer the perfect getaway any time of year when you choose our luxury properties.