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Flagstaff Short Term Rentals

Are you thinking of coming to Flagstaff just for a few days? Maybe you have a weekend off work, and you really need to get away. We don’t blame you — Flagstaff is the ideal vacation spot if you are looking for some sun, outdoor sports, and great weather. With sunshine all year round, hot temperatures in the summer, and perfect skiing weather in the winter, it is no wonder that this tourist hotspot has become a perennial favorite. But where should you stay for your short-term holiday? If you don’t have time off work to spend a few weeks in Arizona, a short-term respite can be exactly what you need. Whether you are headed here for a weekend, one-night city break, or extended holiday weekend, we have a few Flagstaff short term rentals that will catch your eye. Here is why YOU need to look at Flagstaff for your upcoming holiday and why short-term rentals are much better than dingy hotel rooms!

Short Term Rentals Coming Soon!

Why Choose Flagstaff?

Sometimes you can only stay on holiday for just a few days. In this case, you need to find a short-term rental suitable for you and your party’s specific needs. Do you want an outdoor pool? Do you want a private deck space? We don’t blame you! For vacation, you should be able to do what you want, when you want.

Instead of paying for a chain hotel room to share with your pals, consider looking at Flagstaff short-term rental that offers individual bedrooms, modern kitchen appliances, shared living room areas, and access to all that Arizona has to offer. The Flagstaff area is known for being an outdoor-centric and beautiful natural area, making it the ideal destination spot for adventurers and vacationers who want to go hiking, biking, and kayaking.

The good thing is that Flagstaff isn’t too big — this means that you can find a property on the outskirts of town, and it will only take a few minutes for you to walk to some nearby restaurants and cafes in the morning! Whatever you choose, we can make it happen. Porter offers luxurious, spacious, and modern properties that are perfect for short-term rentals in the Flagstaff area. Our short-term rentals cannot be beaten in terms of pricing, location, and customer service — our goal is to make sure every guest has the best holiday of their life.

What to do in Flagstaff for One Weekend

If you are in Flagstaff just for one weekend, there is still plenty to do! You don’t have to head here for two weeks to get a feel for the area. Even just a Saturday and Sunday in Flagstaff and the surrounding area can show you why this is a popular tourist vacation destination and why you should come back for an entire summer or winter next time!

We know that you want to enjoy all that this mountain town has to offer, including cafes, restaurants, museums, cultural attractions, mountains, and much more. That is why all of our properties are close to the nearby attractions and offer unbeatable amenities that you won’t find in the local hotels or B&Bs.

Summer Things to Do

Lucky for you, if you head here in the summer, there are dozens of things to do that take advantage of the beautiful weather. With sunshine and clear skies, Flagstaff is perfect for hiking, water sports, exploring the local parks, and walking around the downtown historic district.

If you prefer a more relaxed holiday, you can look at one of the many outdoor dining spots that offer drinks on the patio, breakfast dishes on the porch, or fresh food on the rooftops. We recommend heading to The Toasted Owl Cafe, Tourist Home All Day Cafe, or Altitudes Bar and Grill to enjoy the hot summer air and cool breeze at nighttime.

For those who do enjoy pushing their limits and exploring new areas, we recommend heading to other nearby hiking areas of Fat Man’s Loop trail, Sandy Seep Trailhead, Campbell Mesa Loop Trails, or Picture Canyon Trailhead — all within 10 minutes’ drive of downtown Flagstaff!

Winter Things to Do

There are great things to do in the wintertime that can give you an idea for what Flagstaff is really about. You can have a “North Pole” experience, frolic in the feet of snow, wander around and browse the public art, and hike the Wupatki National Monument.

For ski bunnies, skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl is one of the highlights of their wintertime trip. You can also head to one of the many tubing trails to enjoy a safer and more fun activity to enjoy with your kids. If you like to get in some exercise during your holiday, head to the Arizona Nordic Village and enjoy the best snowshoeing in the entire state.

Or, you can just relax and get a coffee at one of the many cafes in the area. Flagstaff is a coffee culture, boasting numerous cafes that churn out espresso-filled drinks and strong lattes that can give you the much-needed mid-day kick after a day on the slopes. We recommend checking out Kickstand Kafe, Firecreek Coffee Company, or Matador Coffee Roasting Company.

Flagstaff AZ Short Term Rentals

When it comes to Flagstaff short-term rentals, there are dozens of vacation homes and apartments that can fit your needs. If you are going with just your immediate family, there are tinier condominiums and one-bedroom apartments that can do the trick. If you’re heading here for a family reunion, there are bigger and more luxurious mansions that can provide you with all of the necessary amenities for an unforgettable trip. But where should you look?

We recommend browsing Porter to see our available Flagstaff, AZ short tern rentals for your upcoming vacation. Whether you are looking for a smaller accommodation or a modern mansion, this company has all you could need. Plus, you can look for specific entities that you would like for your holidays, such as a hot tub, outdoor pool, master bedroom en suite, smart TVs, outdoor space, or stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Are you considering heading to Flagstaff for your upcoming vacation? This is an ideal spot to head for a short-term getaway during the summer or winter months. When browsing short-term Flagstaff rentals, make sure you look our collection to find housing that can fit all of your needs and preferences.

Whether you want a downtown apartment, country mansion, or luxurious condominium, Porter has Flagstaff short term rentals that can fit everyone’s needs. For you next weekend vacation, we also recommend checking out our North Scottsdale vacation rentals! Check out this vacation rental company to find the home of your dreams — even if it is just for a few days. We also offer extended stays in our Sedona long term rentals for anybody who needs the extra time in Arizona!

Our short-term rentals range from small condominiums to large mansions that can fit dozens of people. The variety of our properties makes it possible for anyone, and everyone, to book our rentals! Whether you want a one-bedroom condominium in the heart of Flagstaff or you want a mountain mansion in the middle of the woods, we can do it for you.

Porter is a reputable and trustworthy property management company in Flagstaff that can make your vacation dreams come true. Use Porter today to book a short-term rental that is suitable for one weekend, one week, or even a one-night getaway!