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Walnut Canyon Flagstaff National Monument

For those looking to explore the beauty surrounding Flagstaff, one of the best places to head to during a sunny day in summer is Walnut Canyon Flagstaff. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid history buff or if you have never visited a monument before — this is a great way to learn more about the backstory of the area, open your eyes to the old way of living, and teach your kids something educational during your vacation! Let’s check out the details of where this historical monument is, how to get here, and why you should put this on your list of “must-do” things during your upcoming holiday!


Where is Walnut Canyon?

The Walnut Canyon National Monument is located just 10 miles in the southeastern direction of downtown Flagstaff. You can find this historical monument by following the signs from the center of town. Once you are here, follow signs for the popular trails in the park, like the Island Trail and the Rim Trail. Keep in mind that the Rim Trail entrance closes at 4:30 pm, and the Island Trail entrance closes at 4 pm — a good thing to remember for those who like to hike later in the day!


When Can I Visit?

You can visit this historical monument almost every single day of the year! Head here during the summer between 8 am and 5 pm, or during the winter time between 9 am to 5 pm. The only day you can’t visit is Christmas Day — but we think you will be huddled around a Christmas tree with presents this day anyways!


What Is the Walnut Canyon National Monument?

So, why should you visit this monument during your upcoming vacation? What is so great about this monument? Well, you can look at the unique limestone formations that are around this ancient rock. Learn more about the Sinagua cave dwellers who lived here in the ancient 12th and 13th centuries, giving an up-close, personal look at their homes on the way they lived in the past. Plus, you can get in some exercise by walking on the Rim Trail past dozens of scattered ruins and reaching steps to get a beautiful view of the land down below.


Bring the Whole Family Along for the Sightseeing!

Want to learn more about the informational Walnut Canyon AZ? Read more from Porter to see where to stay in the area, the best things to do, and why you should check out Flagstaff!

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