When it comes to a new vacation you will probably look forward to all of the new restaurants you will be able to try out. Dining out is always exciting and a great way to keep you energized for all of the vacation activities. However, you do not want to miss out on your sweet tooth and find the best dessert in Flagstaff. Luckily Flagstaff has plenty of places for you to find something sweet and delicious to indulge yourself in. Take a look below:

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Flagstaff Chocolate Co.

When it comes to a classic sweet treat you simply cannot beat chocolate. This sweet treat has been around for generations and continues to be a favorite anytime you need something sweet to munch on. Flagstaff is home to the Flagstaff Chocolate Co. which makes high-quality chocolate and other treats. Enjoy the chocolate that is made fresh in-house. Chocolate items include chocolate-covered strawberries, fudge, chocolate bars and pieces, and so much more. You will find chocolate candy for every holiday you can think of. Additional sweets also include caramel-covered apples, ice cream, truffles, sour candies, and more. You will not find a better chocolate shop in all of Downtown Flagstaff than Flagstaff Chocolate Co.

Sugar Mamas

Finding the perfect sweet treat also includes bakeries that offer plenty of sweet treats for the morning hours. For this type of sweet treat stop by Sugar Mamas which offers a variety of baked goods. Sugar Mamas is found just off the I-40 making it extremely easy to get to from your vacation rental. Sugar Mamas is the perfect bakery for those looking for a cake to celebrate a special occasion. They can produce cakes of all varieties including special toppings. The selection also includes a variety of pies, cupcakes, and many more. Special occasions just got a whole lot tastier!

Sweet Day Tea and Coffee

Sweet treats can also include your favorite coffee beverages to help you wake up in the morning. Sweet Day Tea and Coffee is Flagstaff’s best boba tea shop in town. If you do not know what boba tea is, you will be in for quite the treat. This sweet beverage uses tapioca balls in the bottom of your tea or other sweet drink to add to the flavor. Common beverages include milk tea, green tea, chai tea, and much more. You will also find plenty of coffee beverages too. Stop by Sweet Day Tea and Coffee for a quick sweet drink to go!

Momma’s Sugar Shop

If you are looking for a soft drink for your sweet drink, stop by Momma’s Sugar Shop. This quaint drive-thru stop offers a variety of fun flavored sodas. You will be able to add all kinds of flavor to your soft drink and make your own masterpiece. The shop also offers a variety of energy drinks, chai, coffee, and hot cocoa. If you are hungry try out the warm cinnamon rolls that come from Momma Kneads Dough LLC which is a local favorite. Yum!

High Mtn Cookies

Another great dessert shop right here in Flagstaff is High Mtn Cookies which is appropriately named for its tasty cookies. They provide all kinds of cookies you can stop in really quick and pick up. For those with a personalized order simply give them a call and let them know what you want. They can prepare most orders just for you. High Mtn Cookies is also great for wholesale and catering services too for any special event.

Old Town Creperie

Start your day with the perfect sweet treat such as a crepe at Old Town Creperie. This seasonal restaurant is only open during the warmer months of the year but more than makes up for it with its incredible menu. The recipe includes a variety of crepes from sweet and savory recipes. Their French cuisine is given a New Jersey flare for a unique take on breakfast. The restaurant is located in downtown Flagstaff giving you plenty of views during your meal. Try out local favorites such as the strawberry cheesecake crepe found nowhere else. Old Town Creperie is open each year from mid-April to October 31st. Enjoy your crepes by dining in or placing a take-out order to take back to your vacation rental. Crepes have never tasted so good!

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As you can see Flagstaff has sweet shops all over town that provide tasty treats including ice cream, chocolate, cakes, pies, crepes, boba tea, and so much more. Come see all of the magic for yourself by booking your vacation getaway to the area. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable all stay long. Book your favorite rental today and see for yourself!