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Flagstaff Airbnb Realtor

Are you curious about using a real estate investment business to help you decide how to manage your properties? You have come to the right place! Using a professional real estate and property management team can help you decide the best time to buy or sell a house, how to manage your property, and the most effective way to list and show your property to potential buyers or renters.

When it comes to moving or selling your home in Flagstaff, Arizona, there are dozens of things to keep in mind. However, as an individual, it can be overwhelming. That is why using an experienced Flagstaff, AZ realtors, marketing teams, and property development managers can help you make the most out of your property during the tourist season and in the off-season! Let’s see how a Flagstaff Airbnb realtor can help you manage your property and utilize the Arizona real estate market.

Where is Flagstaff, Arizona?

Flagstaff, Arizona, is a city surrounded by nature. In the middle of mountains, dense forests, and expansive desert, Flagstaff is an outdoorsman’s paradise that is family and pet-friendly! Containing Arizona’s highest mountain, Humphreys Peak, dozens of Native American sites, cliff dwellings, fun restaurants, and cool bars, there is a never-ending list of things to do in this city.

If you enjoy being outside and getting in some exercise, there are dozens of hiking trails, biking areas, and watersports lakes and rivers that are going to keep you plenty occupied. We recommend heading to Coconino National Forest, Grand Canyon National Park to check this item off your bucket list, and Arizona Snowbowl in the wintertime.

For those who want something a little more released, head to Downtown Flagstaff to wander around the historic district, watch summer nighttime movies in the plaza, and browse the local shops. Flagstaff, Arizona? Luckily for you, there are dozens of Airbnb rental properties that will have everything you need – and more! You can choose from homes, rooms, hotel rooms, or interesting accommodations — like yurts or campsites — to make the most out of your vacation.

As a homeowner, using Flagstaff real estate agents will make your property very appealing to the incoming tourists. Check out how using a professional realtor can help you manage your property!

Airbnb Rental Investment

Airbnb is one of the top house share and rental companies in the world. What started out as a small company has now become a $550 billion industry in over 190 countries globally. Although it started as a temporary solution for couch surfers, those who wanted to rent a free room for extra money, or short-term lodging, it has now turned into specific Airbnb properties that are meant for year-round use.

It is no wonder that both personal and professional investors have now become interested in Airbnb properties. By using a professional Airbnb rental investment company, homeowners can reap the benefits of these professional services. Homeowners can learn how to make money for the interim if they cannot immediately sell their properties, provide a potential buyer with a “trial” period in a specific house or neighborhood, or offer a half-year or part-year rental solution while the homeowner is traveling.

Airbnb Rental Investment FAQs

So, the real question is — should you take the chance and Airbnb your house? In short, the answer is yes. A professional team of Flagstaff, AZ realtors can help you learn the best way to manage your vacation rental so you can get the most money for your property.

What is the average return on investment with an Airbnb rental property?

The average return on investment comes to over $33K per year, with a high-end luxury home reaching upwards of $400K or more each year. For luxurious and modern Airbnb homes in high-end locations that are in high demand, homeowners can break the $125K figure every year they list their property on the market through the help of a rental investment company.

Do I need to repair anything before putting my home on Airbnb?

If your home is falling apart, does not contain more amenities, or would not be desirable to rent, you should not Airbnb your home. By doing the necessary repairs and renovations, not only will you get a lot more hits, but you can up the price of the home to cost more per night. The more work you put into your home, the higher-earning potential you have in the long run.

Can I live in my home if I Airbnb it?

Yes, you can! If you want to Airbnb a room of your house, a section of your home, or a wing of your mansion, you can do so with Airbnb. Using a professional rental property company in Flagstaff can help you figure out how to set a price, how to manage your house, and how to keep your Airbnb guest area separate from your living quarters.

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