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Old Town Scottsdale Super Bowl Rentals

Are you a huge sports fan? Maybe you are a massive fan of American football. You love seeing the intense athletes hit one another, score incredible touchdowns, and support one another in a ferocious game of tackle football. We don’t blame you! Football is a classic American pastime with millions of people worldwide tuning in to watch NFL games and the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is easily one of the most important sporting events that occur every year. Just like the World Cup and the Olympics, the Super Bowl gets huge TV ratings. But what if you could go watch the Super Bowl in person? We love the idea of being able to buy a ticket, hop in your seat, and have an ice-cold beer as you watch this incredible sporting event. That is why you should come to Glendale for the upcoming Super Bowl! This cute and quaint town is hosting the annual sporting event that will end up being the best weekend of your life. 

We offer Scottsdale cabins, Super Bowl rentals, Old Town houses, and incredible condominiums that will make you never want to leave! Even though the Super Bowl festivities are only one weekend long, you may want to extend your stay when you see our luxurious and spacious Old Town Scottsdale Super Bowl rentals

Outdoor Areas

One of the main perks of staying in one of our Scottsdale Super Bowl rentals is that they have ample outdoor space. All of our properties have some type of outdoor area where you can sit down, relax, watch the sunrise, or chill out in the pool. We offer private pools, lounge areas, fire pits, barbeques, and covered decks so you can sit outside, catch some sun on your face, or watch the sunset after a long day of exploring the nearby area. 

Living Room

Plus, all of our rentals offer spacious and comfortable living room areas with couches and chairs that are great for watching TV, playing board games, or catching up with your friends. Our living rooms all have an open floor plan that makes the houses feel even bigger than they already are. You can walk from your kitchen to your dining room and your living room in just seconds, since our open floor plan homes are spacious and functional for hanging out, spending time together, and talking about the incredible football game you just watched!


Not to mention you can make some of the best Super Bowl snacks in your modern and luxurious kitchen! All of our kitchens have stainless steel amenities, ample counter space, and high bar stools that make it easy for you to serve appetizers, make drinks, and serve your guests pretzels and cheese while you watch the game. 


After a long day of being out and about in the nearby city, and heading to the game, you might want to come home and head right to bed. Luckily for you, all of our bedrooms in our Scottsdale rentals have plush bedding, cozy interiors, and en suite bathrooms, so you can wash off and hop right into bed. 

Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

If You are a bit hungry before or after you head to the big game, where should you go to eat? There are dozens of restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars that are great for a huge breakfast, filling lunch, or five-course dinner in Scottsdale, AZ! 

Grassroots Kitchen and Tap

Grassroots Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant on Hayden Road that focuses on casual food and good vibes. We recommend heading here for dinner to have local and fresh food. Start with the common ground burrata with spicy tomato and grilled focaccia bread to split with the table. Or, if you would rather have seafood, try the tuna poke with shrimp, avocado, jalapeno, and ponzu sauce.

For the main dish, you can’t go wrong with the seafood dishes, like the miso grilled salmon or the ahi tuna steak with miso vin and tangy slaw. If you would rather have another type of entree, try the farm-to-table vegetable platter with blue cheese and grilled asparagus. We also love the almost famous pork chop with shoestring potatoes! 

FnB Restaurant

Another great choice for dinner is FnB, a gastropub churning out shareable dishes and yummy dinner plates. We recommend trying the chilled sorrel and potato soup if you are in the mood for something healthy. Or get the lamb manti, urfa butter, and pomegranates to split with the table. 

For another vegetable sharing dish, try the roasted eggplant with lemongrass and onion. If you want a filling entree, you can’t go wrong with the jerk chicken, yellow potatoes, and green sauce. We also love the fresh chickpea pasta and basil if you want something healthy! Pair any one of these dishes with a glass of wine for a filling dinner. 

Head to Scottsdale and rent one of the luxury houses from Porter to have a memorable Super Bowl Sunday! Contact us today! 

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