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Delhi Palace Cuisine of India

Sometimes, you just need a buffet. Whether you skipped breakfast or you have had a full day of hiking and exploring the local area on your vacation, a sprawling buffet can be exactly what the doctor ordered to curb your hunger pains and leaves the restaurant feeling satisfied! So, where should you go? Check out the Delhi Palace Cuisine of India. Let’s see where this popular eatery is, why you should go, and the most popular dishes.

Where Is This Restaurant?

The Delhi Palace Cuisine of India is located in the Woodlands Village in Flagstaff, Arizona. Very close to the busy intersection between Route 40 and 89A, this shopping center also has other well-known shops and restaurants, such as Starbucks, Over Easy, Woodlands Village, SuperPawn, and Anytime Fitness. If you are visiting downtown Flagstaff, this shopping center is just a few minutes’ walk away from the center of town, making it a convenient place to head for a tasty and flavor-packed lunch.

What to Order

What should you order during your lunch or dinner trip to Delhi Palace Flagstaff? We recommend trying one of the appetizers to split with the table, like the yummy vegetable samosas, onion bhaji, chicken pakoras, or fish pakoras with Indian spices. If you would rather have something healthier for your appetizer, try a cup of vegetable soup with herbs. For tandoori lovers and the main dish, try Tandoori chicken or shrimp with mild spices and yogurt, roasted for a long time in the charcoal oven to give it the quintessential flavor.

If you are a vegetarian, you will love it here! Indian cuisine is known for having healthy vegetarian food that doesn’t taste bland or leave you hungry afterward. Some of the best vegetable dishes to split with the table include malai kofta, freshly grated vegetables cooked in flour batter and deep-fried, or the dal maharani, spiced lentils cooked with herbs and spices.

For a main vegetarian plate, we recommend trying the paneer masala cooked with homemade cottage cheese, the aloo matar with potatoes and green peas, the mushroom bhajee with Indian herbs, or the Saag Paneer with fresh spinach cooked in curry sauce and with aromatic herbs.

Make the Most of Your Flagstaff Journey

The Delhi Palace Cuisine of India in Flagstaff is a popular lunch spot for those who are looking for food that is different from your typical American cuisine. If you need some more restaurant suggestions, check out Porter to get local recommendations in the Flagstaff area!

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