Sedona is a magical place where the red rocks surrounding the city provide a beautiful experience. There is so much to see and do around Sedona that it can be difficult if you do not know where to start. Newcomers especially will want a little extra help discovering the area’s best attractions. If that sounds like you, make sure you book a tour experience here in Sedona. Professional guides will take you around the valley where you can experience thrilling activities. Here are some top tours to pick from:


Pink Jeep Tours

Perhaps the most popular and well-known tour company right here in Sedona is Pink Jeep Tours. You will immediately see why the company is named the way it is the second you take off in their signature pink Jeeps. This local tour company will take you out into the surrounding wilderness where you can find thrilling spots for incredible views. Pink Jeep Tours always provides a knowledgeable tour guide who will give you history into the area while taking you up and down the many hills. Guests report that the experience is like a fun roller coaster set in the Arizona desert. The Pink Jeeps can comfortably hold eight individuals, so feel free to invite the whole family. A minimum of two individuals is needed for booking. Go pink with Pink Jeep Tours!


Sedona Trolley

Sure, you have seen Sedona by car, or out on the hiking trails, but have you seen it from the comfort of a trolley? That’s right, you can book a tour of the Sedona area in a trolley with Sedona Trolley. This unique tour company brings extra joy to these tour experiences. Their authentic trolleys are just like the ones you find in downtown neighborhoods of cities, but instead, they are out on the open road here in Sedona. Their options include shorter tours which are just under an hour in length that is perfect for younger children who may not have the stamina for a full-day tour. Let your driver know if there are any particular sights you want to see, such as the Chapel of the Holy Cross.


Sedona Air Tours

Now that you know what to expect from Sedona tours on land, you need to look up into the sky. Sedona Air Tours offers thrilling aerial tours that show off Sedona from a whole new level. They offer thrilling helicopter tours that will fly you around the best parts of Sedona, offering spectacular views of the red rocks. Your helicopter pilot will be a trained professional and knowledgeable tour guide. Make sure to bring your camera, as pictures from the higher elevation are pure bliss. Sedona Air Tours offers a variety of tour lengths starting with 35-minute tours. Do not pass up on the opportunity to see Sedona from hundreds of feet in the air!


One Tribe Tours – Sedona Vortex Tours

Sedona is known as a center for healing and re-centering yourself. During your stay, let the professionals at One Tribe Tours help you find your center again with their Sedona vortex tours. Their customizable tours will help you recharge and start a new journey in your life. These tours are meant to help you reconnect to your surroundings while appreciating the beauty of Sedona. These tours can include historical insight into the area, spiritual meditations, and explorations of natural healing centers out in the wilderness. These tours are perfectly paired with stops in a local spa to complete your spiritual journey. The Sedona vortex tours can be done individually or in small groups for a personalized experience.


Sedona UFO Tours LLC

One of the many fascinating parts of Sedona’s history is the frequent UFO sightings in the area. Whether you believe in UFOs or not, it is incredible to learn about the frequent sightings and what may be out there waiting for us. Sedona UFO Tours LLC will take you on a thrilling tour at night. You will be given night vision goggles and taken out to areas where UFO sightings have previously occurred. The night sky in Sedona does not have the light glow of big cities, so you can easily look up at the stars. Your tour guide will be a personal encyclopedia of all of the unique sightings and events that Sedona has experienced. Sedona UFO Tours LLC also offers vortex tours and hiking journeys all around Sedona.


More Fun in Sedona

All of these exciting tours in Sedona can be fully accessed during your next summer stay. Reserve one of our exclusive Sedona vacation rentals for incredible views of the surrounding red rocks along with having access to luxury amenities. Contact us to book today!