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If you are in a scramble to get in one last vacation getaway before the kids return to school make sure to come to visit Flagstaff. Our Northern Arizona community is the perfect spot where you can escape the heat of summer and enjoy a relaxing vacation getaway. Flagstaff offers a variety of exciting activities and attractions to make this the best trip of all summer. Take a look at why a trip to Flagstaff needs to be your next adventure before summer ends:

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NAU Will Still Be on Break

Flagstaff is best known for its local university, Northern Arizona University. Currently, the students are on summer break enjoying their time off from classes. Many students at NAU come from Phoenix where they return to visit family for the break. Take advantage of this time and see Flagstaff while the city is quieter. You will find there is less traffic than usual making it easier to get around. Local attractions will also be less busy meaning you can get plenty of fun in for even a quick weekend getaway.

The Temperatures Are Perfect

If you have been keeping up with the weather in the country, you may have noticed that the heat is climbing everywhere. You can beat the heat while visiting Flagstaff before your children go back to school. Just because we are in Arizona does not mean it will be hot. In fact, visitors will find the high temperatures to hover around 80 degrees in the summer, but the evenings will dip down lower. That means you can enjoy some beautiful sunshine during the day while getting cozy in front of a fire pit at night.


Exciting Activities in the Area

A trip to Flagstaff in the summer before your children go back to school will give you access to plenty of fun activities. Specifically, there are tons of exciting things to do outside perfect for individuals of all ages. This includes exploring the local creeks and lakes by kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddle board. White water rafting is not too far away on the Colorado River and is a thrilling and memorable adventure. Or hit up the local hiking trails by foot or by mountain bike. Mountain bikers will love the smooth loop trails that offer an easier path and even the technical trails that might be more rigorous but reward you with a bird’s eye view of the area. Head over to Snow Bowl and enjoy a relaxing gondola ride up the mountain. Seeing the views from up high is incredible for everyone to enjoy. There are several stables in the area that offer exciting horseback riding experiences for riders of all experience levels. There is so much to do and see so get your kids outside before they are stuck in a classroom most days of the week!


Local Attractions

Flagstaff is also home to many exciting attractions that your children will find to be fascinating. Take them to Lowell Observatory and learn all about the stars. Pluto was actually discovered at this observatory and the dark night sky makes Flagstaff the perfect place to look up at the stars. Lowell Observatory also has a brand-new observation deck making exploring space more exciting than ever. Your family can learn all about the Native American culture in the region at the Museum of Northern Arizona. This attraction offers educational and historical exhibits that will help you understand and appreciate the Flagstaff region and its inhabitants. Downtown Flagstaff always has something going on to enjoy. Enjoy the shopping malls or quirky stores to find a perfect gift. The restaurants will offer you a delicious bite to eat to keep you fueled for the day. Your family will love trying out Diablo Burger for their tasty burgers and fries that are always made to order. The adults can get in on the fun too with the many microbreweries in the area. Stop by Dark Sky Brewing for their rotating tap list that is always different. There is no shortage of fun in Flagstaff!


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As you can see there are many different reasons why Flagstaff can be your host for a wonderful vacation getaway before school starts again. Our vacation rentals will make sure everyone gets to enjoy some relaxation. You will find spacious homes that offer luxurious amenities and features. Expect to find plenty of privacy for each member of your family and skip out on the tiny hotel rooms. Best of all, our vacation rentals are just a short drive away from the many different activities and attractions described above. Don’t just take our word for it and can and check it out for yourself. Book one of our vacation rentals today and find your new home away from home right here in Flagstaff!