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There are many places for one to choose from when you get the chance to begin traveling. You’ll find that Scottsdale, Arizona is the perfect place to go when you get some time to relax and unwind this winter and spring. Not only do you have wonderfully comfortable and sunny weather throughout winter months, but come the spring, when the desert flowers bloom, you also get to avoid the searing heat that comes with the following summer season. So, if your curious about all you can do to make the most out of the beautiful area and season, read on to discover our ultimate guide to winter and spring in Scottsdale!

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Enjoy a Hike in the Sun

Of course, if the state of Arizona is known for anything, it’s the constant warm weather that envelops the city, making it the perfect place to go if you are looking to be able to enjoy the outdoors even as Santa is getting things prepared for his trip and the candles are being brought out for a week of celebration. For instance, you might like to take advantage of the cool weather this winter to head over to Camelback Mountain. Towering over the city at an elevation of 2,704 feet, a quick hike provides two different trails to the summit. This hike is well known to be challenging, and there is no shame in doing a half trip. However, if you do conquer the steep ascent, you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of the surrounding metropolitan area, not to mention quite the feeling of accomplishment upon standing victorious at the peak.

people hiking in desert

If you’re looking for more of a relaxing stroll, then make sure you head on over to Pinnacle Peak Park, which features a 1.75-mile out-and-back trail that will have you gaining an impressive 1,300 feet of elevation. As well, for those who are curious about learning more about the natural world, you’ll be pleased to find there are several informational and interpretive signs along the route. Like many areas, you’ll also find a number of rock-climbing routes should that take your fancy. There are also relaxing picnic areas with fantastic views of the McDowell Mountains in the distance.

Of course, there are times when you might wish to enjoy the sights of the desert and natural world, but maybe don’t want to go on a hike or brave a long journey in the desert sun. If you find yourself in this situation, you are sure to find the Desert Botanical Gardens to be the perfect addition to your journey and travels. As you walk the trails, you’ll find yourself gazing upon all manner of beautiful plants that thrive and come alive in the hot and dry desert climate. You’ll also find that painting the trails are all manner of desert flowers whose fragrance gives the paths a fragrant and sweet smell. Of course, if you’re a lover of wildflowers, make sure you take a stroll down the Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail which offers sights of all manner of desert flowers and flowering cacti. If you keep your eyes particularly peeled, you just might spot the occasional hummingbird going about its daily duties.


Have a Desert Adventure

While exploring on your own can be a thrill in and of itself, there is something lovely about following behind a guide, as you not only are shown areas you never would have seen otherwise but are given the knowledge to truly appreciate that which you are beholding. If one is looking to truly experience the desert, there is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which features a range of different trails to enjoy as you explore and immerse yourself in the beautiful desert. Take your choice of 84 trails ranging from a short walk at 1.9 miles to a true backpacking adventure at 51.2 miles! Not only this, but many of the trails are accessible to a wide range of different activities from horseback riding to biking, and you’ll even find several rock climbing paths to conquer! However, just make sure you keep an eye out as the area is also a favorite of rattlesnakes, though as long as you watch where you are walking, you’re sure to have a hike and adventure to tell of upon your return.


Book Rentals For your Desert Adventure
Head on over to REI Co-op Adventure Center and have your pick of a variety of high excitement tours that are sure to give you a story to share back home and incite jealous in those who listen. For instance, you might enjoy grabbing some mountain bikes and gliding across the dirt as you explore the outer areas, or you might enjoy just a simple walking tour so you can focus your energy on putting all that you see into memory, or one can go for some heavy excitement and book a rafting trip where you will bound about as you struggle your way through the daring rapids. No matter how terrifying and adrenaline-pumping your trip, fear not, for all the guides are both CPR and first aid certified as well as experts in their fields, ensuring that both yourself and your entire party are in good hands. However, if you would rather skip the tour and just explore yourself, they are more then happy to rent you out individual equipment so you can find your own adventure.


bar with seating

Enjoy the Cuisine of the Southwest

Of course, if there is one thing that Scottsdale offers year-round that beats many other nearby towns, it is the large number of diverse eateries ranging from the grandiose and luxurious to the classic diner where the food itself is the draw and not the ambiance. For instance, you might enjoy checking out Reserve, which features a chef’s tasting menu hosting over twelve different courses for you to enjoy and savor. Not only will you get to enjoy fantastic food, but you will find that the outdoor seating area makes for the perfect intimate surroundings should you find yourself coming on a special occasion or just looking for some time alone with a loved one. If you find yourself the wine lover, make sure to check out their wine pairings which have been chosen by their personal sommelier, ensuring the absolute best combination for your palate. Enjoy parings with such courses as royal osetra caviar, Chilean sea bass, corn pudding, chocolate caramel cake, and more!

However, at other times we may not be looking to get dressed up and eat expensive food but would much rather go someplace for the pure experience or entertainment. In that case, you very well might like to check out Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, where you not only get to dine like kings on a four-course meal but have true medieval entertainment ranging from knights jousting and fighting with arms as you cheer your champion on to equine entertainers showing off skills upon their steeds that even a cowboy would find impressive. To increase the spectacle, enjoy the immersion of special effects to truly bring the tournament to life!

If one is looking for something a bit lighter, you might just like to head on over to Carlson Creek Vineyard, which hosts a variety of cheese boards hosting a range of different items including artisan cheese, meats, marinated olives, nuts, dried fruit, and more. As well, it wouldn’t be a vineyard without a wonderful selection of various wines which more than meet expectations. For $12, enjoy a sampling of your choice of five wines from over 13 choices. Enjoy the bold flavors of grapes grown at a staggering 4,300 feet, with the desert combination of warm days and chilly nights, providing a thick-skinned grape bursting with flavor.

wall with art


Some Urban Treats

Of course, while Scottsdale offers a range of different tours, outdoor areas, and wonderful eateries, it is of course a large metropolitan area that hosts some fantastic urban activities that are sure to be the perfect finish to what has surely been a memorable experience. For instance, if you are looking to get acquainted with the finer things in life, and truly entertain the artistic side of one’s mind, then head on over to Wonderspaces, where you will be able to admire the work of a plethora of artists. However, this isn’t your typical gallery you might have visited with your high school; rather, you’ll find a variety of interactive or at the very least unique and bizarre artworks that you won’t be forgetting soon. For instance, you might like to enjoy the Human Study #1, where you truly become the art as you pose for a robot who proceeds to draw your portrait, adding it to the over 36,000 that currently make up the exhibit. There is also Before I Die, where you can have a chance to truly look deep within yourself at what it is you most crave from life. If you are interested in a rather macabre and strange work of art, check out Killing Time, which is a kinetic hourglass shaped like a skull. Upon approach, you will spot a bubble of ferrofluid coming alive as it pulses and breaths, giving the statue a unique and rather unnerving life.

After you explore the mysteries of Wonderspace, you might enjoy appreciating natural beauty for a bit at Butterfly Wonderland, which hosts the title of the largest butterfly conservatory in the country. As you walk in, you will be transported to a rainforest as you find yourself surrounded by thousands of beautiful butterflies as they go about their day. Not only can you observe and walk amongst these fluttering insects but enjoy the various interactive exhibits that can be found within its walls. For instance, observe the circle of life in the Butterfly Emergence Gallery, or perhaps catch an education 3D movie at their theatre. One can also peer at the various reptiles that call the rainy area home, and even try out a bug or two in their edible insect station.

Finally, make sure you check out OdySea Aquarium for a chance to see the underwater world as you haven’t ever before. Explore their Rivers of the World exhibit or take part in their new interactive exhibit where you experience the illusion of submerging in a submarine to go upon an educational but engaging 20-minute adventure. Afterwards, head over to SeaTrek, where you will actually go underwater and interact with the hidden world with the help of a special diving helmet. Of course, there are the classic touch pools where you can hold the cuddlier of our aquatic friends. You can also enjoy the Deep Ocean Gallery, where one will find themselves taking an elevator down to the underground level and see the strange world that lies in the depths of our planet. There is also the Bizarre and Beautiful Gallery, which hosts a variety of different fish and underwater animals which are quite the thing to behold for a number of reasons.


Enjoy the Best of Winter and Spring in Scottsdale

As you can see, there are many reasons to come visit Scottsdale this winter or spring. If reading about these adventures has you daydreaming already, make sure to give Porter a call at (888) 627-8207 or book your stay with us online today! Don’t forget, we’ve also got Scottsdale Spring Training rentals for anybody in town to catch a game.

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