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If you live in Arizona you probably start to brainstorm how you are going to escape the heat. Luckily, Arizona has such as vast geography that you do not have to travel far to find the perfect escape. This summer make your trek up to Flagstaff for a little fun in the mountains. Flagstaff’s high elevation and tall pine trees keeps the area nice and cool making it the perfect summer destination this summer season. One of the best ways to spend your summer time is by enjoying a few events during your stay. The month of June has several different events you do not want to miss out on. Take a look at the top events in Flagstaff this June:

Real, Wild, and Woodsy

Those who have made the trek to Flagstaff before know that the community enjoys their craft beer. Flagstaff has several different award winning breweries right here in the area you will want to check out. Another great way to experience Arizona beer is by attending the Real, Wild, and Woodsy beer festival taking place in early June. This festival started out in the Phoenix area as the Real, Wild, and Woody festival before relocating up north and rebranding the name. The festival is presented by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and focuses on a giant selection of cask aged ales and barrel aged beers. With the festival taking place in Flagstaff it can now be outdoors so you have all afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping on your tasting pours. By attending Real, Wild, and Woodsy you can sample most of Arizona’s top craft breweries and enjoy their rare beer selection. Fret not if you are not a strong beer drinker as there will be plenty of lighter beer options for you to sip on. The lively atmosphere will instantly draw you in and the delicious food provided by local vendors will keep your hunger at bay. Attendees have the option to purchase a general admission pass or upgrade to VIP for early entry; designated driver passes can also be purchased for those who plan on skipping out on the drinking and giving everyone a safe ride back to their vacation rental. Tickets are still available but typically sell out just before the event kicks off. This year’s Real, Wild, and Woodsy festival will take place on Saturday June 8th starting at 12:00 PM.

Flagstaff Beer Festival

The Real, Wild, and Woodsy festival is not the only beer festival taking place here in Flagstaff this June. The month also showcases the annual Flagstaff Beer Festival each year over at the Coconino County Fairgrounds. This local beer festival does not have a focus on the beer style served and will benefit a variety of local non profit organizations with tickets sold. Over 100 breweries are expected to be in attendance sampling out some of their delicious beer for you to try. In addition to a variety of breweries in attendance there will also be plenty of wineries and distilleries too. You will find plenty of big name brands that you have become familiar with along with independent local breweries that may not be on your radar quite yet. Regardless of what you intend to drink you will find something for you at the Flagstaff Beer Festival. Tickets are still available with general admission, VIP, and designated driver passes all available. This year’s Flagstaff Beer Festival will take place on Saturday June 22nd from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Flagstaff Folk Festival

Flagstaff events are not all just about the beverages; they can also be about the music too! This June find your way over to the Flagstaff Folk Festival taking place at the Museum Club here in Flagstaff. This year’s events will be the 22nd annual Flagstaff Folk Festival and is gearing up to be a 2 day event. You will find the best folk and acoustic music for the state of Arizona taking place on three separate stages. Over 70 acts are currently scheduled for the event and admission starts at just $10 per person or $15 per family; you will even find a student and senior discount with tickets priced at just $5 per person! The event will take place on June 15th and 16th with varying hours; the event will be held from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on June 15th and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on June 16th. Tickets are still available so don’t miss out on this local favorite event!

More Fun Right here in Flagstaff

Summer events are some of the best reasons to come experience Flagstaff during the warmer season. Expect our vacation rentals to keep you close by these exciting events and much more. Book now and come check it out for yourself!

Whether you travel somewhere new or somewhere you’ve visited many times before, you want to feel just like a local. That can mean visiting all of the under the radar attractions, visiting all of the local favorite restaurants and bars, or participating in local events. Another great way to feel just like a local when you visit somewhere is by checking out the local markets. Whether you stop by the local farmers market or a craft market you are sure to find a variety of goods and services found nowhere else. Flagstaff features many different markets throughout the year to check out. Take a look at when and where you can find the local craft and farmers market in Flagstaff:

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Flagstaff Community Market

One simply cannot visit Flagstaff during the summer months without making a pit stop over at the Flagstaff Community Market. This local market is the city’s biggest farmers market and has made a name for itself to be named one of the top Arizona markets. The Flagstaff Community Market is a seasonal event that occurs from the months starting in May and running up until October, perfect for the warm and sunny summer weather. While some Arizona locations avoid outdoor summer events due to the heat, Flagstaff’s elevation keeps the temperatures nice and cool all summer long.

This will be The Flagstaff Community Market’s 24th year in the area leading into the 2024 summer season. The market first kicked off in 2000 to supply a gathering of local farmers, growers, and all other agriculture related industries. The Flagstaff Community Market allows independent producers and growers of all sizes to have a place to provide the community with locally sourced products. Since then the Flagstaff Community Market has grown to include an outlet for local vendors and artisans to sell their unique and individual goods and services. Visitors can now purchase anywhere from fresh local produce to make with your meals along with soaps, jewelry, hot snacks, and much more. The Flagstaff Community Market will be held every Sunday from May to October over at City Hall. The market runs from 8:00 AM to noon with dogs not allowed at this time. Don’t miss out on this include local farmers market!

Flagstaff Urban Flea Market

While the Flagstaff Community Market has a focus first on local farmers the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market is a little different. This unique market is the perfect gathering space for vendors, artisans, and peddlers who are on hand to sell a variety of goods. You can literally find almost anything here at the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market. If you are searching for collectibles, you can find a variety of records, books, antiques, minerals, leatherwork, woodwork, and much more. Artisan soaps and soap making kits always make for a perfect gift for someone back home. Clothing options include a variety of brand-new clothing from independent designers as well as vintage clothing. You can find a variety of household goods, flowers, ceramics, tools, toys, and so much more.

The Flagstaff Urban Flea Market is another summer seasonal event taking place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays during the months of June through October. The fun starts on June 8th with each following event taking place at City Hall. The market runs from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM so you will not have to worry about time and shop until your heart is content. Don’t’ miss out on the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market!

Sleigh, A Winter Market

Last but not least you will find Sleigh, A Winter Market when you visit Flagstaff during the winter season. This winter market is a two-day event that is all things focused on the holiday season. The 2024 Sleigh, A Winter Market is scheduled to take place this year on December 7th and 8th just in time for the holiday season. The market will bring together local vendors and gift makers for your standard market set up. You can browse a variety of gifts that also include holiday items and decorations. Specialty food will be on hand to ensure you don’t go hungry and make for the perfect lunch. Food trucks and art booth add the perfect charm to round off this event. Sleigh, A Winter Market will take place on December 7th and 8th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at City Hall.

More Fun Here in Flagstaff

These three markets are the perfect way to explore Flagstaff just like a local. Make the most of your visit by booking a stay at one of our many vacation rentals in the area. Flagstaff will offer the perfect getaway any time of year when you choose our luxury properties.

Winter comes, and a few things might pop into your mind: The weather is going to get cold, the days will get shorter, and the list of fun things to do seriously dwindles. Well, we are happy to report that this is an old-school way of thinking! Next time the winter season is fast approaching, we guarantee that all you need is a little change of mind and inspiration to enjoy your few months in the cold weather.

Although you might have only thought about visiting Arizona during the summer months, due to the hot weather, the winter is arguably one of the best times to come to this fun and vibrant area. You can partake in winter sports, cuddle up inside your luxurious home by the fireplace with your loved ones, and go shopping at the numerous shops that line the downtown historic area. The possibilities are truly endless! Check out our ultimate winter Flagstaff vacation guide and why this is a MUST visit location for you and your friends or family.

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Snowshoeing on the Miles of Trails

Not sure what to do during your time here? Well, the possibilities are truly endless when you book a holiday home here in this vibrant winter wonderland! First thing is first: The best way to explore the city and the rolling hills, lush green pine forests, and wooded trails is by snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a fun and aerobic way to see all that the area has to offer, and you can stay fit on your holiday!

We recommend going to the Arizona Nordic Village to get more information on the trails, rent snowshoes and other winter gear, and get a map to use during your excursion. This village is less than 10 miles from the center of the city, so you can easily get there in less than 15 minutes from any one of our homes. Plus, once you’re done snowshoeing, you make full use of the amenities at the village, including snowshoe rental, a yurt to relax and chill out with a hot drink after snowshoeing, beer to chill out after an intense sweat session, or a hot chocolate for your kids.

Snowshoeing Flagstaff

Or, if you want to try somewhere new for your Flagstaff getaway, then we highly recommend going to Kendrick Park. Kendrick Park and Kendrick Peak are two great spots for you to head to for a full-day outing, including easy trails through the park and a towering mountain pass near the peak that is great for a hard hike to the top of one of the best viewpoints in the entire state.

Another popular spot that we love going for snowshoeing, relaxing, bird watching, or cross-country skiing is Humphreys Peak. This peak is the highest in the entire state, coming in at just over 12,600 feet at the tallest point. So, it is no joke! Even if you’re not a huge fan of heights, you can still do the paths surrounding the base of the mountain. For those who are keen on winter hiking or off-piste skiing, the slopes and snowshoeing options here are great. Take the 10+ mile Humphrey’s Trail to reach the top of the mountain, and don’t forget your camera for some of the best Insta-worthy photos of the entire trip!

The final mountain that we think is a must-do for your snowshoeing adventure is Slate Mountain! Slate Mountain offers a 4-mile round-trip hike that is a great way for beginners to become more comfortable with snowshoes and offers just the right amount of challenge for moderate alpinists. This 4-mile round trip path isn’t for the faint of heart, though; the uphill parts and the steepness make it a great workout that will have you sweating by the end! But trust us, the view from the top of Slate Mountain is well worth the effort.

Skiing Flagstaff


Skiing Down a Freshly Covered Mountain

The next must-do activity for those who come to Arizona from far away to get an adrenaline rush and enjoy the beauty of nature is skiing. We highly recommend starting with a day trip to the nearby Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort so you can check out the impressive views, large drops, and lush green pine forests that surround the resort and après ski lodging. You can choose from any one of the 700 acres of skiing meadows that work with your desired difficulty.

Once you want to try somewhere new, the Sunrise Park Resort that is a few hours north of the downtown of Flagstaff is a great spot for you to head to for a full-day or multi-day adventure. This resort near Greer offers the largest ski resort in the state, three towering mountain peaks, and ski schools for beginners.

Lastly, the Flagstaff Snow Park is a great spot for kids who want to go tubing instead of skiing! If you are not a fan of seeing your kids whizz down the ski slopes at break-neck speeds, then the Snow Park could be your best bet to still have an adrenaline rush, keep your kids entertained, and have fun in the process. The Flagstaff Sno Park offers the best tubing and food trucks for you to enjoy during your trip here.


Grab a Hot Cup of Coffee

The next must-do activity during your Flagstaff vacation if you are a bit cold after a full day of skiing or walking around the town is to grab a hot cup of coffee or cup of cocoa with your family! Luckily for you, there are tons of tasty and mouth-watering cafes that dot the downtown area of Flagstaff for you to check out during your vacation here. Mocha, anyone?

First off, you NEED to visit Lux North if you are in Flagstaff for more than a couple of days. Lux North is a little-known spot that is popular among locals, making it a great non-tourist destination that offers perfect coffee for take away when you are on the move to get to a nearby ski slope or snowshoeing path. We recommend getting one of their espresso-laden drinks, like a honey lavender latte with soy milk, and a flaky cardamom bun or croissant to pack in your backpack for a full-day skiing adventure.

The next stop on your caffeine journey should be Lund Canyon. If you have been on a Euro adventure in the past, you might be missing the cafe and coffee culture. In this case, Lund Canyon is going to be your new haven in Flagstaff, featuring an industrial-style cafe that is great for remote workers and reflects a Scandinavian vibe.

Another European-influenced cafe is Foret, a French cafe and coffee shop that also serves up some of the tastiest brunch dishes in the entire city. We recommend grabbing the avocado toast with an iced oat milk latte. If you want something on the go or a pastry to go with your coffee, the cinnamon bun with a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to wake up from a long day of snowshoeing or snowboarding! Plus, if the weather is warm and the sun is shining when you get here, we recommend sitting on the patio to people-watch and soak in the perfect mountain views.

Coffee Flagstaff


Indulge in Brunch for a Post-Ski Treat

After a long morning of skiing, snowshoeing, or snowboarding, you might be a bit peckish. If just coffee won’t do enough to warm you up and fill you up, then we recommend going to one of the best brunch spots in Flagstaff to keep your vacation rolling in the best way possible.

Firstly, you need to go to Martanne’s at least once during your vacation here. Martanne’s is a local and tourist favorite due to its Tex-Mex dishes that hit the spot every single time. It doesn’t matter what you get – you are going to want to come back for more. We have tried the green chili chilaquiles and they are the perfect blend of cheese-goodness and spice to start your day! If you would rather have something less spicy, the huevos rancheros with eggs over easy is a savory and tasty way to fuel up for a big ski session later in the day. Plus, it is right in the heart of downtown Flagstaff, so you can easily walk here after you ski off the slopes or wake up after a night of partying and dancing in one of the local bars!

Next, we can’t recommend La Bella Via enough if you are an egg lover. Head here if you are in the mood for creamy and savory eggs benedict with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. Even if you are more of a sweets person first thing in the morning, we guarantee that the pancakes here will truly curb your cravings. Plus, they make pancakes in the shapes of koalas for kids to be entertained with their food — and love the taste!

Another popular spot among tourists is the Tourist Home – they named this restaurant very creatively! We recommend going here when you want to get brunch or breakfast in bulk to bring back home for a nice treat, since they offer flaky and buttery pastries, deserts, and danishes every day of the week. Plus, you can get a hot cup of coffee, strong latte, or bloody mary if you dine in here for a morning treat. Sit outside if the weather cooperates and gaze at the people walking by on a Sunday morning!

Lastly, no Flagstaff getaway is complete without a visit to Toasted Owl. The Toasted Owl offers one of the best meals at any time of the day for tourists and locals alike in Flagstaff, since they offer a changing and rotating menu that works with fresh and local produce. The laid-back atmosphere and chilled-out vibe makes this a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike, featuring down-home classics like hearty sandwiches AND vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for those who are a little pickier with their eating. Talk about convenience!

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Doesn’t a winter wonderland getaway in the beautiful mountain town of Flagstaff sound ideal? We think so, too! There is so much for you to do and see when you stay here. It isn’t just a getaway for the hot summer months, when you might also be overrun with tons of tourists. Instead, we think that Flagstaff is THE best spot for you to head to during the winter so you can enjoy a little bit of everything: shopping, restaurants, cafes, outdoor sports, and fun things to do.

When you book your vacation, you can rest assured that we take care of all of the hard work for you. When you use Porter, you never have to worry about the logistics or the convoluted travel details. We help you book the holiday home of your dreams, so all you have to do is choose the house, show up, and have fun!

We even have a local representative who will be with you every step of the way so you can always feel taken care of before, during, and after your stay. After all, with Porter, our number one goal in mind is your happiness! Contact us today to get started.