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Summer Guide to Sedona

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Okay, it might be hot, but summer in Sedona is popular for a good reason! Sedona is one of the best spots for you to go to if you enjoy outdoor activities, watersports, amazing views, and great drinks. Really, this is arguably THE best city to go to if you want to go somewhere fun for a birthday party, bachelor party, or anything in between!

If you haven’t heard of Sedona yet, chances are you will be booking a plane ticket by the time you are done reading this. This cool city located just two hours outside of Phoenix and just 30 miles away from the incredible peaks surrounding Flagstaff, Sedona is the ideal spot to go to for outdoors people who love sports, views, and good vibes. Let’s check out the top things to do during a Sedona summer!

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Go on a Jeep Tour

One of the top excursions during your time in Sedona is going on a jeep tour for incredible vistas and views. Instead of just walking along the same-old trails and getting a sea-level point of view, jeep tours can take you on high-up trails in half the time you would go on foot! We recommend using Pink Jeep Tours to go on some peak trails that will give you the best photos of the entire trip. These professional tour companies can take you through some of the most beautiful areas in the entire country, including Submarine Rock, Mushroom Rock, and Red Rock Canyon. You can also use Earth Wisdom Tours or Arizona Safari Jeep Tour if you would rather see local wildlife — tip: keep an eye out for bears and wolves!

Go Horseback Riding

If you want to feel some wind on your face on a hot summer day in Sedona, we love going horseback riding! You don’t have to be an expert, either. You can take a lesson and learn the “reins’ ‘ by going to a professional horseback riding center and taking a nice saunter along one of the premade trails. We recommend using Horsin’ Around Adventures to go on a Lasso Lunch tour, including a picnic break by a serene and beautiful riverbed area.

Take a Dip!

Yes, summer is hot — like, triple-digit hot. We recommend taking a dip in one of the many bodies of water to cool off and chill out during your stay here. One of the best spots to go to for a full submersion and a blast of cold water is Slide Rock State Park. You need to do a little bit of work to get here, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Head to Grasshopper Point to start the short hike to Slide Rock State Park. After you start here, you will be guided by streams, waterfalls, trails, and sycamore trees. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even hop off into the ice-cold water from the 50-foot terrace.

For us mere mortals, we recommend heading a little bit closer to the water. Continue on the path and head to Slide Rock State Park, featuring a “slide” that goes right into the bright blue abyss. Take the chute and zip down, and splash in the water to cool off during the heat of summer. You may work up a sweat during the hike, but you will immediately cool off on this fun and exhilarating swimming adventure!

Plus, you can continue on in the state park and head to another cool swimming spot. If you continue on the trail, you will first head to a picnic area that is perfect for a nice takeaway lunch from a cafe downtown. Sit at Crescent Moon Picnic Area and have a sandwich and something to drink before heading over Red Rock Crossing.

Then, you reach the next area! Get out your swimming trunks once you reach Cathedral Rock, an incredible swimming pool that is just as good as the first one.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Okay, this may be a bit of a splurge, but seeing the cool scenery and vistas of Sedona from high above the ground is amazing! You will be able to see the Red Rock formations, Coconino National Forest, and sunset from high up in the air while taking a helicopter tour of Sedona.

Spend Your Summer in Sedona

Are you thinking of going to Sedona in the summer? Great choice! Although it might be a little hot, there are tons of outdoor and indoor things to do that will cool you right off. Head to one of the local swimming pools or take a drive with the breeze going through your hair.

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