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We Do Men

Everywhere you look, spas typically cater to female clients when it comes to the design and atmosphere. Being a guy can make it a bit awkward if you have never visited a spa by yourself and are in need of some relaxation. During your next stay in Scottsdale, make sure you visit We Do Men, a local spa that has been tailored and designed just for guys. You will find that all of the fluff from other spa locations is taken out and instead an old-school experience will await you.

Skincare Routines

We Do Men has everything you need to help clean up your body and have your skin looking and feeling great. They offer a variety of skincare services that will have you leaving looking better than ever. Choose from services such as The Boss Lady’s Mancare 101, where you will have an in-depth consultation on how to improve your grooming habits and lifestyle. The Browtender will help clean up those unwanted brows, nose, and ear hairs. Have your skin feeling drunk for days yet glowing with the Sake Bomb. Deeper treatments such as the Stay Lubed will provide your body and face with a deep chemical peel.

Retail Store

Make sure your skin looks and stays healthy by stopping by the retail store on the way out. They provide a variety of products that will continue the incredible results you are noticing from your recent skincare service. These are some of the finest products you will find and are all tailored just for men. The team will make sure to help you pick out exactly what you need.

Finding We Do Men

Do not pass up the opportunity to visit and experience We Do Men located at 4375 N 75th Street, Suite B in Scottsdale. Call or text 480-686-8538 to schedule an appointment. It’s all hands on deck when you visit We Do Men!

For all the details and information about our favorite spa for men, check out wedomen.com.

More Fun and Excitement in Scottsdale

A visit to Scottsdale calls for all kinds of relaxation, especially when you make a stop by We Do Men. Make the most of your stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals right here in the city. You will be just a short drive away from this and many other exclusive attractions right here in Scottsdale along with having access to luxury amenities. Book your stay today and see Scottsdale for yourself.