As you venture into the world of vacation rental ownership, you may be starting to feel a little overwhelmed at how long your “owner-do” list is becoming. You more than likely have a full-time job, a family, and would love to have a life you can enjoy, but all the little things your property needs are getting in the way of any fun you might be having! Fortunately, you found your way here to our Porter property management page, perhaps seeking a respite while still being able to enjoy the fruits of your investment, and we want to welcome you to the next stage in your life—you know, the one where we do the hard work and you sit back and relax? This guide to how our vacation rental property management team takes care of your biggest investment will help give you a peek into your carefree but still moneymaking future!

From the Beginning

The hard work starts almost from the moment you sign on the dotted line, and we at Porter will be right there, picking up the scrub brush and getting it done! Very few investment properties are in turnkey shape—that is how you got such a bargain on your Scottsdale home—and we know what needs to be done! After an intensive review of the space, we determine what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or simply thrown out and replaced by something new, so in most case it is our maintenance workers that will be the first team to get to work! Their job is simple: They make sure that air conditioners cool, that dishwashers wash, and those windows, roofs, and doors keep what is supposed to be outside out and what needs to stay indoors in! Perhaps the dingy walls can use a touch-up or maybe the that crumbling stucco needs to be repaired; whatever the problem, our maintenance team is going to find it, fix it, and field any questions you may have!

As If It Were Our Own

Now that the construction and maintenance part of our services have been completed, it is time to clean! Our initial cleaning services ensure that when the first tenants open the door, they will come into a home that is sparkling clean and sanitized to please even the pickiest of travelers. Treating your property as if it were our own and as if our mothers-in-law were about to visit, we follow all the latest CDC guidelines for sanitizing and disinfecting, much to the relief of your renters, and when the first guests start flocking to your doors, we continue our services between each visit. This clean as you go method keeps guests happy, clients satisfied, and your investment property in tip-top condition!

Sleep Like a Baby

The worst part of vacation home ownership is arguably the middle of the night phone calls. No matter how much we take care of your property, if something does break, spring a leak, stops making water hot, inevitably it is going to happen in the middle of the night. And when the phone calls begin, unless its of dire importance, you can continue to sleep peacefully while we take care of 2 AM emergency! Whatever happens, however, we will keep you in the loop.

Not Your Favorite Uncle

No matter how hard you try, there is no way to avoid the hand Uncle Sam is holding out, demanding his piece of your pie, and although we cannot keep you from paying your part, we can help with the process. Our experience as property manages means that we know our way around the forms that can actually be considered more painful than the assault on your bank account, and when you hire Porter for your property management needs, tax paperwork is just another part of our job! We know their importance, we understand their legalese, and we enjoy doing whatever we can to help make you a success.

Every Step of the Way

There are a million little details involved in creating a successful vacation rental, but choosing Porter is the first and more than likely most important step. We work hard to help make your Scottsdale investment property the most successful on the market, and even as you decide that you need to do some things on your own, we are behind you, the property owner, every step of the way. Your day-to-day life can be overwhelming as you try to cram too many activities in too few seconds, minutes, and hours, and while we can’t help you with angry bosses or school events, we can take off some of the pressure involved with your investment. Give us a call today!