There are so many different ways you can celebrate Father’s Day this year. Make the most of the summer season and take your special paternal figure on a memorable trip to the Red Rock mountains surrounding Sedona. If you have yet to visit Sedona you will be in for quite the treat. This Northern Arizona location is known for incredible views of the valley and local activities to help you unwind. Take a look at the many different ways to celebrate Father’s Day in Arizona this year:

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Treat Him to a Steak Dinner

Sedona features many different ways to help your father get treated to Father’s Day. There are a variety of local steak houses that are the perfect option for a Father’s Day dinner. Steakhouse89 is a local favorite that has all of your favorite steak house entrees on a single menu. The restaurant features a laid back atmosphere so you don’t have to dress up to the fullest. Enjoy the variety of grilled meats that also includes decadent seafood. Sunday brunch is offered each week so you can also start your weekend off right with hearty meals and handcrafted brunch cocktails. Check out the happy hour for incredible drink and appetizer specials too. Additional steakhouse options in the area also include Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits along with The Golden Goose American Grille.

Get to Hiking

One of the best reasons to go to Sedona is to see the incredible red rock mountains that surround the valley. The views are always stunning and leave nothing to the imagination. When you visit Sedona for Father’s Day in June you will be in the area during a time when the busy tourist season has ended. Sedona is located north of Phoenix and can get quite hot and sunny during the summers. This typically has Sedona be a little quieter in June than it is earlier in the year. Take advantage of the smaller crowds and check out the local trails. Sedona has quite a few iconic sites that are easy to get to with spacious trailheads. Head over to the iconic Devil’s Bridge, the landmark rock arch that is always Instagram worthy. The trailhead will take you to the bridge and back out with little change in elevation. Cathedral Rock Trailhead is shorter at only 1.5 miles in length but features a steep ascension that will reward you with elevated views up top. Another iconic landmark that is worth checking out is the Subway Cave that can be accessed through the Boynton Canyon Trail. This is a 6.1 mile roundtrip hike that lets you get up into the cave and hike around the rim for beautiful views of the entire valley. These hikes are sure to let any outdoor adventurer feel accomplished when visiting for Father’s Day.

Hit Up the Local Breweries

Help dad find some time to relax and unwind by hitting up the local breweries in the area. Sedona is home to our very own Sedona Beer Company that is a more recent addition to the city. Sedona Beer Company specializes in handcrafted beer that can be enjoyed while having views of the red rocks. Sedona Beer Company now features two different taprooms, one in uptown off Jordan Road while the other just opened up at 70 Dry Creek Rd. The tap list features your favorite beer styles on the menu including lagers, IPAs, pilsners, stouts, and much more. They also produce small batch specialty beers and rotating seasonal ales as well. While you would think visiting a brewery would be an adult only activity Sedona Beer Company is always family friendly! Each location offers a food menu complete of your favorite pub foods. Enjoy items such as the street fries, pub pretzel bites, or shrimp street tacos. Each location has a different food menu making each visit a little different. Another great brewery to visit during your Father’s Day stay in Sedona is Oak Creek Brewing. Their location offers a cozy little outdoor garden for you to relax in as you sip on their beers. The fire pit will make sure the cooler evenings are nice and warm and live music is typically offered on the weekends on the patio. Everything here in Sedona is close by our vacation rentals making it easy to hit up these local breweries during your Father’s Day stay!

More Fun To Be Had Here in Sedona

Now that you have a few ideas on how to spend your Father’s Day in Second you can get on with your planning! June is a great time to see Sedona as the spring crowds leave and the outdoor fun is more available. Book one of our vacation rentals here in the area and get ready for an adventurous Father’s Day!